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TINOS JAZZ FESTIVAL 2013 - Jazz Universal Language

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Since that first edition of the festival few things have changed, but not the festival’s spirit and identity that, together with its top-quality programs and its warm and friendly atmosphere, have been at the heart of its success. For the fifth edition of this festival, George Kontrafouris, the artistic director of the festival, presented a program with a repertoire ranging from traditional jazz standards to more contemporary and modern jazz. Highlight of this edition, Manfred Schoof founder of European free jazz.

The Tinos Jazz Festival presents an outstanding showcase of the jazz music that attracts more and more supporters and Jazz fans from a wide-range of ages and nationalities.The success of the event comes down to the variety of talents and music genres, and to the fact that the festival provides something for everyone. In a short period of time Tinos Jazz Festival has become a unique forum for both contemporary and future jazz. It offers you the opportunity to get familiar with jazz in all its forms, to discover the newest evolutions, to experience the confrontation between styles and artistic views.

The Tinos Jazz festival is organized by an active cultural foundation, helped by motivated staff members, capable and voluntary, related to a lot of precious friends, and all of this in the heart of the Agean Sea.

6  live shows over 3 nights    -

AUGUST 30, 2013 - Manos Theodosakis sextet feat. M. Verouli   (Tribute to   Cole Porter)  -   Alekos Vretos Quintet

Manos Theodosakis sextet feat. Miranda Merouli - Tribute to  Cole Porter
Miranda Verouli (vocals), Manos Theodosakis (trumpet/arrangements), Antonis Andreou (trombone), Dimitris Tsakas (alto saxophone), Costis Christodoulou  (piano), Yiorgos Georgiadis (double bass), Alex Drakos Ktistakis (drums).Witty, sophisticated, ebullient, passionate: these are the qualities of genious Broadway  and Hollywood composer Cole Porter that color its songs and give the tone to the all fresh jazz arrangements of trumpetist, arranger, and band leader   Manos Theodosakis. Complex arrangements that   are being rendered with virtuosity by the top Greek jazzmen of the band Crazy Pople Music and Miranda Verouli on vocals


Alekos Vretos Quintet

Dimitris Sevdalis, piano - Eleni Vassileiadou       - Dimitris Christopoulos, bass - Dimitris Klonis, drums - Alekos Vretos, outi —

Greek   oudist,   pianist   and   composer   Alekos   Vretos   has   been   merging   jazz, Arabic,   Greek   and   Latin   music   in   a   masterful   blend   of   sounds   from   traditional instruments, such as the oud or the nay, vs. the modern ones. As a   bandleader, Alekos has   developed   a   unique   atmosphere   for   his   music:   keeping   traditional   sound   in   the front   line,   he   expands   it   through   jazz   improvisation   and   exploding   rhythmic development. “Mergin’”, his first personal album released in 2009 — following ‘Yunan’ with The   Meliti   Ensemble   in   2004   —   was   welcomed   by   audience   and   critics.   A   bold   and tasteful   blend   of   Jazz   and   Arabic   improvisation,   “Mergin’”   takes   oud   playing   to uncharted   territories.   A   heavy   jazz   taste   and   a   fine   traditional   Arabic   scent   emerges from   the   stimulating   matching   with   musicians   such   as   Bassam   Saba   and   Takis Paterelis on this live — like recorded album. “Mergin’” was launched by Jadeo Music, an   indie   record   and   management   company   Alekos   founded   in   Athens,   featuring world, jazz and classical music and fellow artists. He was included in 2013 list of the 100+1 most influential people in the Greek music scene.  

More on Alekos Vretos :


AUGUST  31, 2013 -  Petros Klampanis & J.P. Pilc   Duet -  Leonidas Sarantopoulos  

Petros Klampanis & J.P. Pilc   Duet
Klampanis/Pil duet will present original compositions and imaginative arrangements of well known songs. Jean-Michel Pilk creates a huge variety of sounds and evokes intimate emotions, through his sophisticated improvisations on the piano, while Petros Klampanis takes full advantage of his bass expression potential, which he either uses it as a percussion instrument or samples it through a loop pedal.

More about Petros Klampanis


Leonidas Sarantopoulos - Black Mamba

The flutist and composer L. Saradopoulos studied at the jazz department of the Ionian University.
There he met the other members of the quartet T. Kotsifas (guitar), K. Christodoulou (keyboards), B. Podaras (drums). The four musicians are actively involved in the Athens jazz scene playing in numerous group of established musicians.They play original compositions from the album Black Mamba (2012) . Starting with the Jazz, these compositions rest on diverse musical traditions of Greece and the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean. The album was   released in September 2012 on CD and electronically
More about Leonidas Sarantopoulos:
More about BlackMamba


SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 - Manfred Schoof Quartet  - "Swinging Jazz Athenaeum" -

Manfred Schoof Quartet

Manfred Schoof, trumpet — Vassilis Podaras, drums — Dinos Manos, bass — Yannis Papadopoulos, piano

Founder of European free jazz, Manfred Schoof collaborated with Albert Mangelsdorff, Peter Brötzmann, Mal Waldron, and Irène Schweizer. Schoof won various jazz prizes and is involved in the German musical rights association, since 2007 he is chairman of the Union Deutscher Jazzmusiker. He has been a professor in Cologne since 1990.

Manfred Schoof grew up perfecting his innovative jazz style, often practicing on either his jazz trumpet or his flügelhorn. By the time he reached high school, Schoof was composing his own arrangements. In 1955, Schoof decided to purse a musical career, enrolling in the Music Academy (Musikakademie) at Kassel. After studying and performing there for three years, he moved to further his studies at the Cologne Musikhochschule. While there, Schoof took a jazz class by Kurt Edelhagen, a West German bandleader who also had his own radio program. Schoof and Edelhagen established a musical connection, with the pupil contributing to the teacher's Radio Big Band radio show. At the same time, Schoof began touring with Gunter Hampel. In 1965, Schoof created a free jazz quintet with Gerd Dudek and Alex Von Schlippenbach. It would be the foundation for another band he formed in 1969, the Manfred Schoof Orchestra. The group toured throughout Germany and Europe, featuring Evan Parker and Irène Schweizer, among others. In 1969, he joined the George Russell Orchestra and stayed with the band until 1971. Throughout the next two decades, Schoof expanded his musical horizons, recording and performing with several groups, including Global Unity Orchestra and Jasper Van't Hof. He also began composing classical music pieces, often composing them for the Berlin Philharmonic.

-Swinging Jazz Athenaeum
Student concert of the Jazz department of the Athenaeum Conservatory "Swinging Jazz ATHENAEUM" Young musicians present the most representative currents of JAZZ of the 20th century, under the instruction and the orchestrations of Sylvio Syrros.

Mado Panagiotaki, Christina Syriopoulou, vocals — Amalia Koydouri, flute — Spyros Rodogiannis, sax — Byronas Goudelis, sax — Tryfonas Thomopoulos, piano — Christos Kkoromilas, bass — Alexios Antonopoulos, drums — Teaching & Orchestration Sylvio Syrros

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