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2nd DRUMS & PERCUSSION FESTIVAL - THE RHYTHMS OF THE WORLD at Athina Live stage, ARΤ MUSIC SCHOOL G.V.Fakanas - 3 Posidonos Av. , Athens on June 11, 2015 at 20:00 - entrance free .The Drum & Percussion Festival returns to the warm venue of “Athina Live” Stage (Art Music School G.V.Fakanas), holding the most intercultural form : four of the greatest music groups in Greece, bring us the rhythms from all over the world.The dance rhythms of Brazil meet the Zen rhythms of Japan, the exotic rhythms of Africa and the power beat of American march.



-  RUDBEATS DRUMLINE (U.S.A.-Drumline) – Leader : Tolis Arsenidis

-  BATUCA (BRAZIL) – Leader : Vasilis Liosis

-  ATENA DAIKO (JAPAN-TAIKO) – Leader : Nikos Souliotis

-  ANASA DRUM (WEST AFRIKA) - Leader : Michael Afolayan

Event Director : Tolis Arsenidis


Who Is Who :

Ø  “Batuca” music group is a school and a music group of Brazilian drum & percussion, created in 1998 by Vasilis Liosis and the well-known drummer Ravy Magnifique. It’s based on a music-kinetic Brazil rhythms style (samba, afoxe, Go-go Funky, Gnawa, Baiao, Samba Reggae κ.α.), creating a great party atmosphere and bringing to us , through their special percussion Surdo, Caixa, Tamporine, Agogo and Rokar the magical essence of Brazil.


Ø  “Atena Daiko” music group was created in 2014 by Nikos Souliotis and Liz Walters (Taiko sensei from London, UK). Their subject is “Taiko” Japanese drums and the spiritual balance this drumming style brings to the person. They specialise on Hokuriku style (named after the West Japan area) and their music conveys the great ancient culture of Japan.


Ø  “Anasa Drum” music group is a West Africa style percussion team. At “Anasa” Cultural Center, Michael Afolayan created a music group, which aims in promoting the intercultural communication and the empowerment of Greeks with African ancestry.


Ø  “Rudbeats Drumline” music group was created in 2006 by the top calibre drummer and Art Music School professor, Tolis Arsenidis. The group idea is based on the USA drumline and the Rudimental Snare Marching. A classic music themes repertoire and many compositions by the group members themselves, illustrate the value of team work, rhythm absolute feel and deep music knowledge a drummer should have. This makes Rudbeats Drumline one of the most innovative and powerful music groups in Greece.


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