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Jazz Chronicle - 1984

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Sun Ra visits Athens and Herbie Hancock win a grammy for "Rock it"

In Greece
Two release in 1984 from Lito Vogiatzoglou and Floros Floridis


Around the world

- Sun Ra visit  Athens to perform at the Praxis festival. This year is also voted a member of DownBeat’s prestigious Hall of Fame.

- Count Basie dies in April 26, 1984. His autobiography Good Morning Blues is published later.

- Herbie Hancock’s synthesized dance hit “Rockit” from the album Future Shock, reaches number one in the pop charts and win a Grammy  for “Best Rhytm and Blues instrumental”

- Steve Gadd, virtuoso of the modern drum kit record his album Gaddabout.

- Francis Ford Coppola’s Movie The Cotton Club reconstructs the atmosphere of the famous harlem venue.

 - Miles Davis plays in Denmark and scores a pop success with his version of “human nature”

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