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Vinyl stores in Greece

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Here is Jazzonline selection of stores  and e-store  where you will find a large selection of rare new/used Jazz vinyls. Vinyl record stores are here to stay ! For a while there, in 1980, it seemed like the shiny and small CD had ruthlessly put down the vinyl record, but while its market was small the vinyl record was never really gone. Especially since 2008, the vinyl record has been making a strong comeback.

E store - Vinyl kiosk
Vinylkiosk is an online Record Store where you can find reissues of Psychedelic,Progressive,Soul,Folk,Jazz, Funk, Brazil,Latin,Lounge,Library,Soundtracks on Vinyl Record LPs,CDs DVDs,45s -

E store -
The is a company which was created from music lovers to offer prompt delivery and good prices on labels that were once hard to find or expensive in the European  market. Their aim is to establish themselves in the audiophile space as a reliable source of musical material. Nice selection of Jazz records

Analogue Corner
In the center of Athens, Anologue Records presents a big collection of brand new Vinyl – great selection of Jazz records . Panepistimiou 39 – Stoa Pesmatzoglou –

E-Store - Vinyl Mania
Vinyl Mania started on 1998 as a traditional record store. Since 2005, they are operating as an online store also.You will find a vast variaty of vinyl records, mainly from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. - Store in Thessaloniki : I. Mihail 12 with D. Gounari 40, Thessaloniki - (+30) 2310234848

Mr Vinylios 
While it might not be impressive in size, it is incredibly influential and serves as a meeting place for musicians - famous for its extensive selection of jazz records.
Ifestou 24  Monastiraki – 2103312813  -

Large selection in this store of Jazz records  - Ifestou 20  Monastiraki - 2103210055  -

Vinyl City
Rare records from 50'S 60'S 70'S AND 80'S rock, jazz, soul, funk, psych, punk – large collection - Ippokratous 131 - Athens  - 210 3628120

Solonos records
This record store, formerly known as The Solonos and Massalias record store is very difficult to find but it is trully worth your time and your dime - From the 50s to new releases, from Classic music to Jazz /Records (LPs, maxi singles, 7inches), CDs, DVDs / Sell and trade. - Kaplanon 14 -  Athens – 2103616570

Off the record
Agiou Konstantinou 13 - Piraeus 18532 - 210 4190230 - Deal mostly with vinyl records but also carry cds,dvds,books and music merchandise.

Sonic Boom Records &
Sonic Boom started as a "bricks & mortar" record shop back in 1995 carrying secondhand CD & Vinyl Records. It's online branch got into business by 2002 and now carries the majority of the Vinyl stock. Stock top condition secondhand CD & Vinyl records as well as new & older releases from Greek small labels (such as Blind Bastard & Puzzlemusik) and individual artists.If you have a (small or big) collection to get rid of or you just released your work and looking for a selling point , this is the place. Syrou 32 - Athens 11361 -00302108253972 -

To Diskadiko
Welcome to DISKADIKO. Since 1994 we sell Records, CDs specializing in vinyl( new and used ) all kind of music psych,Indie, post punk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, World , Greek music, 60’s Soul, r&b, funk, garage etc. We have original copies and all the new releases. 88, Kifisias Ave - Athens 11526 – 2106983804 -

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