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Waltz for Monica - 2013

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 “Waltz for Monica” dramatizes the life of popular Swedish singer Monica Zetterlund, who played a major role in popularizing jazz in Scandinavia and beyond from the late 1950s.
Per Fly's jazz biopic quickly becomes a conventional checklist of showbiz triumph-and-tragedy cliches, with emphasis on the downside: failed relationships, egomania, insecurity, booze, pills etc... 

The story : Monica, a young, rebellious small town girl is determined to make it as a singer in the vibrant jazz clubs of Stockholm, and even New York City, in the sixties. Beautiful and sensual, she embarks on the singing career of her dreams, and an exquisite singer and actress evolves in the golden era of jazz. But behind all the glamour, Monica struggles to face the dark side of fame and success. As late nights of working and partying keep playing a bigger part in her life, the walls around her begin to shake. With a string of broken love affairs, a father she can never please, and a daughter to whom she’ll never be the perfect mother, Monica finds herself feeling more lost than ever.
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