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Tin Pan Alley Cats

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This cartoon was published in 1943, during the wartime in the US as a Warner Bros.' Merrie Melodies cartoon. It contains some great music made by an unknown orchestra and unknown artists. The lead character is a caricature of jazz musician Fats Waller   as an anthropomorphic cat.

 Tin Pan Alley Cats, is one of the "Censored Eleven", eleven cartoons with racial caricatures of African American and Japanese that could offend. In 1968 these films were banned for American Television and are still not released on US DVDs. It is a fact that the cartoons are filled with ingrained prejudices and discrimination about African-Americans and jazz music, so if you watch these cartoons try to view it as historical documents; as documents published during the 1940s, when this was a rather "accepted" way ( in white men's society) to think about blacks and its music jazz.

The other ten cartoons that were banned too are:

"All This and Rabbit Stew"-Avery/1941

"Angel Puss"-Jones/1944

"Clean Pastures"-Freleng/1937

"Coal Black & De Sebben Dwarfs"-Clampett/1943

"Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears"-Freleng/1944

"Hittin' The Trail to Hallelujah Land"- 1931

"The Isle Of Pingo Pongo"-Avery/ 1938

"Jungle Jitters"-Freleng/ 1938

"Sunday Go To Meetin' Time"-Freleng/1936

"Uncle Tom's Bungalow"-Avery/1937

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