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Jazz in Paros 2016

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 For the 6th consecutive year, JAZZ in PAROS takes place in Paros from 20-25/07 2016 under the artistic direction of the exquisite and talented musician and composer Petros Klampanis.

JAZZ in PAROS festivities are part of a 5-day long workshop, the Paros Jazz Academy, which is held every year in parallel with the Jazz in Paros Festival and are established as institutions in Paros since 2011.

The Paros Jazz Academy consists of a team of experienced teachers and artists all with international backgrounds that share their knowledge and passion for music with students from around the world and perform in Jazz in Paros Festival.

Besides the bass player and composer Petros Klampanis which is also distinguished on the other side of the Atlantic in New York, in this year’s organization they will also participate very well known and established Jazz musicians such us: Dimos Dimitriadis (saxophone), Spyros Manesis  (piano), Panagiotis Andreou (el. bass), Costas Baltazanis (guitar), Τammy Scheffer (vocals), Ronen Itzik (drums).

The duration of the academy is five intensive days of jazz lessons and is catering for the needs of musicians and singers with some experience in the genre, who would like to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Jazz, as well as to improve their technical aptitude and skills under the guidance of professional musicians and experienced teachers.
Daily lessons will include seminars on the use of musical instruments (electric and acoustic bass, saxophone, piano, electric and acoustic guitar and drums), vocal lessons, group sessions and improvisation sessions. All students have the opportunity also to practice in Jam sessions, organized in the evenings and take part in the student concert organized on the 25th July in Pisso Livadi.
JAZZ in PAROS has a free spirit; it is dynamic and in continuous evolution through new collaborations and the pursuit of new innovative artistic expressions.
Our vision is to bring as many as possible talented & inspired musicians on Paros Island and insert Paros into the global Jazz map as a meeting point where students, teachers and audience will be interacting amid the idyllic settings of the island.

One magical island, eight outstanding artists - for the sixth year running JAZZ in PAROS is putting Paros island centre stage in the international Jazz scene.
The 6th  Festival  JAZZ in PAROS is preparing to celebrate this special occasion with a marathon event, the "Jazz in Action", that will take place on Saturday July 23   at Monastery beach, Paros.
The event starts at 18:00 pm at the beautiful space of the restaurant-bar of Paros Park with a party to the rythmes  of  Braziliaz Jazz with the DJ Kafka and in collaboration with the music station En Lefko.

Dj set by Kafka - Kafka is one of the most influential radio personalities and respected music journalists in Greece. She's an ATH based DJ and an independent music supervisor.


At 21:00 pm follows Jazz in Action concert with three presenting bands - The Brazilian music tradition meets Greek Jazz
Petros Klampanis
invites the outstanding Greek musicians, Spyros Manesis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos and the amazing Brazilian cellist and arranger  Jaques Morelenbaum to participate in a unique musical gathering entitled “Jazz in Action”. This concert will showcase compositions of Petros  Klampanis coming from his latest album “Minor Dispute” as well as musical scores of the other band members. The Brazilian musical tradition will be meeting modern Greek Jazz, as represented by these top three performers.
Jaques Morelenbaum is one of the most important artists of the contemporary Brazilian Jazz scene and is one of the few Brazilians who collaborates with the biggest names of international Jazz. With a continuous presence in the Antonio Carlos Jobim band from the ‘60s up until today (where he has teamed up with the top Italian trumpet player Paolo Freso), his musical creations are inspired by both Brazilian music as well as modern Jazz.  Morelenbaum will be taking us with his Cello on a musical journey blending both musical styles and will be accompanied by the leading musicians of the modern Greek Jazz scene.
Morning Bound trio - Based in NYC, Morning Bound brings together vocalist Tammy Scheffer, vocalist/ bassist Panagiotis Andreou and drummer Ronen Itzik. The trio creates a playful blend of electronic music, pop and rock while keeping a fluid, improvisation based performance inspired by jazz and world music. Loops and effects are employed on both the vocals and bass for an updated sound that combines old and new, familiar and experimental.
Costas Baltazanis trio - The excellent guitarist and composer Costas Baltazanis will be presenting a series of his compositions from his latest  album "End of Seas" together with his band coming from New York where they have been living and performing over the last 4 years. This particularly imaginative musician has many collaborations in his track record. They include teaming up with Jeff Tain Watts and Alex Foster. Costas has performed concerts all over the world.
Petros Klampanis has the artistic direction of the event. Petros is a bassist and composer who is also distinguished on the other side of the Atlantic, in New York.
Jazz in Action is co-organized with Paros Park, the support of bjazz and  under the auspices of KDEPAP.

Saturday 23 July 2016
21:00 at Paros Park
Entrance : 12,00 €
Part of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to the NGO METAdrasi that is actively involved in refugee work in the Transit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Lesvos.

If you want to take part in the Jazz Academy, you can fill out an application form by visiting the website www.parosjazzacademy.com, where you will also find information on the cost of the program.
For further information as well as the program of the Festival you can visit the website www.jazzinparos.gr

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