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Jazz Birthdays - August 25

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Wayne Shorter  1933 - Pat Martino 1944 
Wayne Shorter - 1933
“THE golden age of jazz ended a long time ago. But one of the great jazz saxophonists of all time is still going. And at 81, Wayne Shorter shows no signs of fatigue.His quartet has kept a busy tour schedule, performing new and innovative works as well as fresh interpretations of old classics.
Mr Shorter made his name performing with Miles Davis, a trumpet player, from 1964 to 1970. He was a prolific composer with Davis, and had a starring role in “Bitches Brew”, one of the world’s best-selling jazz records, released in 1970.
But Mr Shorter’s band is not a tribute act. The musicians—a bassist, a drummer and a pianist—have been playing with him since 2000, and their interplay is the best going. Bursts of great tension, where jarring piano chords mix with Mr Shorter’s screeching soprano saxophone, are juxtaposed with moments of great warmth.
On stage, he does not address the audience—and seems not to register that he is being watched. He spends most of the time standing completely still, listening intently, only to cast a startled glance at Brian Blade, who plays drums, or flick his wrist if he hears something interesting. Often he will raise his saxophone to his lips and appear to be on the verge of playing, only to pause and wait. Watching Mr Shorter is nearly as enjoyable as listening to him.
The saxophonist has no interest in slowing down. He gently dismisses the idea that it might be easier to coast on concerts of conventional jazz standards. “It’s not human to be comfortable,” he says (which may also explain why he rarely sits down during a performance).
Mr Shorter may be at the top of his game, but jazz-lovers are a worried bunch. Audiences tumbled in the 1980s after many musicians—including Mr Shorter—experimented with hip-hop and dance music. Today most of the famous talents are grey or gone. New talent is scarce, and young musicians struggle to make a decent living. The saxophonist is on form; but the genre may be in its twilight zone.”  The economist
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Pat Maritno - 1944
Pat Martino emerged from the jazz-rich Philadelphia music scene in 1961 and established himself over the subsequent fifty years as one of the most important and prolific jazz guitarists of all time. His work with legends like Sonny Stitt, Gene Ammons, Richard Groove Holmes, Chick Corea, Jack McDuff, and so many more link him to the very fabric of jazz history. He has recorded for every major record label, performed on every major jazz festival stage, and been nominated for the very top echelon of awards and readers polls. He has been a MAJOR influence to at least two generations of guitarists -
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