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Gilad Hekselman - Hearts wide open

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The favorite of the New York   jazz scene.
“A beautiful album from Gilad Hekselman, one of the best guitarist of a new generation of talented musicians” Jazz Magazine

 “Since arriving in New York five years ago, Mr Hekselman has set himself roughly up in the line of Pat   Metheny and Kurt Rosenwinkel, with a warm and clean guitar tone, clear articulation, crazily extended improvisational ideas, speed when he needs it, an advanced understanding of harmony, and the flexibility to go wherever his bands want …” New York Times

Hearts Wide Open, Israeli-born guitarist Gilad Hekselman’s third album, is a masterful exploration of the contrast and coexistence of simplicity and depth. Comprised of simple, singable melodies, these ten new compositions, even with their complex rhythms and multi- faceted harmonies, breathe a certain air of familiarity. Hekselman possesses an entirely original sound, and the songs on Hearts Wide Open are played with precision and passion by one of the finest groups of jazz artists on the NY jazz scene today.


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