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Omar Sosa AfroCubano Quarteto

Ilé means home, or earth, in the Lucumí tradition of Cuba, derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, and it is to the Latin Jazz roots of his native Cuba that Omar returns for inspiration on this new studio recording.

Ilé offers contemporary interpretations of some of the classic Cuban musical styles the world has come to admire. Listeners will enjoy a mix of ballads and sophisticated mid and up tempo arrangements. Also included is a set of four atmospheric interludes, featuring traditional music samples combined with improvised piano and soprano saxophone accompaniment.
Overall, the compositional focus of the project is on ensemble playing. A noteworthy dimension is Omar’s use of the Fender Rhodes electric piano in equal measure with the acoustic grand piano.

Sosa works with the same sense of grace and creativity that informs the best of his work. Some artists make it appear that their music is born through hard labor, but Omar Sosa never gives off that impression. He seems to conjure his music out of thin air. He leaves his hard work out of view, choosing only to show and share magical end products like ilé. Dan Bilawsky

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