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The Ellington Century

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The Ellington Century demonstrates how Duke Ellington's music is as vital to musical modernism as anything by Stravinsky, more influential than anything by Schoenberg, and has had a lasting impact on jazz and pop that reaches from Gershwin to contemporary R&B.

 "The Ellington Century" is a wonderful journey through the world of music and art. If you are already an aficionado of Ellington's music, you will enjoy the author's informative and detailed analysis of the composer's work and musical influences. If you are less familiar, this book puts Ellington's music in perspective with the great 'classical' composers of the twentieth century. David Schiff's remarkable insight into the historical and musical parallels between these composers is a delight to read and his references are vast, from Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire and Stravinsky's Agon to television's Sesame Street. Schiff writes with a sense of humor and an enthusiasm for Ellington's music that comes out on every page."--George Manahan, Music Director, American Composers Orchestra


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