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Michael Evdemon first book

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Michael Evdemon release his first Book.

What senses do i use when i study ?

Which of them should i educate first and which of them are more important?

How does my memory work in order to figure out how and how much should i study?

How does the whole system bass - fingers - eye - ear work?

How should I organize my study in order to overcome problems and begin to improvise with ease?


All these questions are answered in this book which is essentially a proposal on how to study and also a way of thinking in terms of study. It is a cauldron in which the ingredients are very rare and unusual. Inside the cauldron we mix psychology, sciences of the brain, Cybernetics, Harmony and Theory in order to better our understanding of the music, to discover our weaknesses and correct them and learn how the system man-bass actually functions ... In other words here we suggest a way of thinking in order to deal with technical and theoretical problems during the learning process of the bass.


This book is in Greek only. The english version is coming soon.

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