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13 May

Nils Berg Cinemascope

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The Swedish saxophone player Nils Berg is back in Greece again with his trio Nils Berg Cinemascope το participate in the 11th European Jazz Festival at Technopolis where they will perform on  Saturday, May 28.
Nils Berg stands in the forefront of Scandinavian jazz. Passing on the tradition of innovators like Lars Gullin and Jan Garbarek, Berg is now sharing his version of jazz in the global age. Vacuuming his way through YouTube he has borrowed videos from all around the world, writing new music to the sound of the clips. Joining the Trio from Stockholm by the way of projection is a Japanese koto class, a balafon master from Ghana, and giggling teenagers from a canteen in Brunei.   - A stunning piece of art, not to be missed!"    
The trio consists of Nils Berg, woodwinds/projector, Christopher Cantillo, drums and Josef Kallerdahl, bass.
On Friday, May 27, the trio also performs at the Jazz Festival in Preveza.


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