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14 May


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IBRAHIM ELECTRIC is one of the most popular Danish jazz groups....
IBRAHIM ELECTRIC : Niclas Knudsen (guitar), Stefan Pasborg (drums) and Jeppe Tuxen (Hammond B-3)

These 3 personal instrumentalists have, besides the popularity of this group, made a name for themselves as some of the most striking on their respective instruments in Denmark (Stefan Pasborg was voted ’New Name of The Year’ at Danish Music Awards Jazz 2004).

Together they're exploring the borders between jazz,rock, afro, funk and tries to find new ways through the ‘bush’. Own compositions together with classics from among others Eddie Harris, Jimi Hendrix and Nat Adderley are presented with super energy, good sound and plain raw swing. The inspirations are among musicians like: Fela Kuti, Ali Farka Toure, Wishva Mohan Bhat, Albert King, Booker T. & the MG's, Tony Williams Lifetime, Jimmy Mcgriff etc.
With the main focus on the energy, this trio makes the trip all the way to the outskirts and back with their swingin’ soundscapes.

This trio is a fantastic live experience !!

"Ibrahim Electric" (2004)
"Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson" (2005)
"Absinthe" (2006)
"Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson - Again" (2007)
"Brothers of Utopia" (2008)
"Royal Air Maroc" (2010)

The trio will perform
May 26, 2011   -   11th   Eurojazz - European Jazz Festival in Athens Texnopolis.
May 27, 2011   -   9th Preveza Jazz Festival

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