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Guitakora was formed in November 2010 as a result of the musical affinity of two musicians. Effie Psiachoulia, from Greece, who plays the kora and sings, and Fermín Orlando Iturrios García, from Mexico, who plays the guitar. The Kora is an african harp coming from the west of Africa, it is a musical instrument with 21 strings and it’s music has deep roots in the culture of the people of that region.

Guitakora have developed their unique style through their contact with musical traditions of countries of the west of Africa, India, Mexico and Greece as well as with their contact with jazz. Mainly they present their own compositions, but also they perform traditional themes from these countries, creating an interesting fusion of traditional melodies and rhythms, improvising and giving a jazz feeling to them.

 As a duet they have performed in Greece, India (New Delhi, Varanasi, Arambol) and various cities of the Mexican republic as Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Xalapa, Guanajuato and Mexico City.

 Since 2014 Guitakora incorporated the drumer Manolis Papadopoulos and then colaborated with many musicians, such as Antonis Skamnakis(double bass), playing as a quartet and with Dimitris Tsekouras(double bass), playing as a trio.

 Currently Guitakora is performing as quintet, with Effie Psiachoulia on the kora along  with Manolis Papadoloulos on  drums Tasos Bakogiannis on tenor sax, Orestis Atsalakis on electric guitar and Alexis Delis on the double bass.

 Their first album ‘Guitakora’ was reliesed in 2012.

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