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Monos Yiannis

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Organist, Pianist, Vocalist, Composer

Yiannis Monos,is a Hammond B3 organist, pianist, singer, Blues harp player and composer-songwriter of the Greek Soul-Jazz / Blues scene.
Born and raised in Athens, he attended classical piano lessons in the National Music Conservatory and later modern music / Jazz theory & harmony with Mike Rozakis (The Charms) and Spyros Raftopoulos.

Since 1983 he performs  in Greece and Europe mainly as a Hammond organ player  and singer and sometimes as a Chicago South Side style pianist or a Blues harmonica player.

It was in the early 80's when he meets blues master Junior Wells and got influenced and encouraged by him.His mentor in piano then was Otis Spann and he followed his unique style for sometime, something that created a strong solid Blues foundation upon which he started building his own style in the organ.
He was the first to reintroduce the Hammond organ in the early 80's when the keyboard and synthesizer sound was dominant.
In 1983 he forms the JUGBAND BLUES and later he participates as a leader  in  SAX-S, LOT, and SCHOOLBUS.
In 1988 he forms the BLUES FAMILY, the  said "dream team" of the 90's and with a 20 year presence in the Greek Blues scene.Top blues musicians have  played in the band  during these 20  years and some of them formed their own band later.
It's worth-while mentioning them:
Guitar :  Kostas Saridakis,  Andreas Gomozias, George Pilali,  Simos Kokavesis, George Hatzopoulos. Dimitris Bacolas,
Harp: George Panousis, Bass:  Stelios Ladopoulos, Manolis Tsinalis,
Drums:  Zafiris Tsinalis , Steliuos Santorinaios, Takis Liarmakopoulos,
Sax: Dinos Apostolou, Makis  Anastasopoulos.Kostis Vazouras.

The BLUES FAMILY still performs occasionally

From 1994 - 1998 he participates in the group BLUES BUG as an organist-pianist-singer-harp player-composer-horn arranger.
It was in 1995 that  they released  their first CD titled: BLUES BUG and the Silent Partner.He composes and sings "Dont you call my name", "Stay", "Shake that thing" and an arrangement of "Blues with a feeling". The CD received good critics and it was quite a success. In 1998 he leaves the band.
In 2000 he meets Dr.Lonnie Smith whom he sees as a guiding light encouraging his efforts and influencing his organ style.Since then they met several times in Athens and in Zurich.
In 2004 he forms together with the known Jazz quitarist Makis Ablianitis and the old band mate drummer Zafiris Tsinalis, the HOT ORGANIC TRIO.They  introduced the Hammond B3 Soul-Jazz trio sound in Greece, an idea that found many followers later.The trio's  repertoir includes Blues, Soul & Jazz standards and hits from the 50's 60's 70's adapted and arranged in their own style, together with their own compositions-songwriting.The HOT ORGANIC TRIO has played allmost all clubs in Geece and in festivals with success.

Y.Monos appeared in concerts together with:MICK TAYLOR (ex Rolling Stones, John Mayall Bluesbrakers), GUITAR SHORTY( Brother in law of Jimmy Hendrix), SIDNEY (Guitar Crusher) SELBY, LOUISIANNA RED
As a sideman with: Loukianos Kilaidonis, Vaggelis Germanos, Yiannis Yiokarinis,Dimitris Panagopoulos Litis, Simos Kokavesis

Λητης  & Τρυκ,      Χαρακιρι, 1988,
Γιαννης Γιοκαρινης,   Ε,  και τι εγινε, 1989
Blues Bug & the silent partner, 1995
Δημητρης Παναγοπουλος, Being in the Blues so long, 1998
Βαγγελης Γερμανος,  Ελευθερος χρονος, 2000
Δημητρης Παναγοπουλος, Εκδυση, 2001
Simos Kokavesis Wild World, 2011

Plays and records with:Hammond B/C3, Leslie 122 - KeyB Duo mark III (Hammond B3 replica), Leslie  122 - Hohnner Blues harp & Marine band

Jimmy Smith, Wild Bill Davis, ,Jimmy Mc Griff, Brother Jack McDuff, Charles Earland, Otis Spann, Paul Butterfield, Janis Joplin, Tower of Power, the Band,Junior Wells, Lou Donaldson, OscarPeterson, Muddy Waters,Dr.Lonnie Smith,Wes Montgomery, Bob Dylan, C.C.R,  Santana,  Pinetop Perkins, James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson, Burt Bacharach, Blood Sweat & Tears,Billy Preston  to name a very very few.

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