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Human Touch

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Human Touch - Band
Human Touch : David Lynch - Yiotis Kiourtsoglou - Stavros Lantsias

Human Touch is an elevatingly innovative instrumental trio. They have a long presence in the Greek musical affairs, from jazz to soul and   have collaborated with many other musicians   including Trilok Gurtu, Arturo Sandoval, Billy Cobham, Arild Andersen, D. Savvopoulos, Orff. Peridis etc. and they have played in several international jazz and ethnic festivals in Europe, Turkey and the Balkans and have influenced whole generations of instrumentalists in Greece. Their unique multi-instrumental approach not only makes a visual impression but projects Human Touch's limitless palette of rhythm, colour and emotional depth. Human Touch's music is 'lived' music. Each concert is its own experience and leaves its audiences uplifted and moved within.


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