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Baby Trio

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Baby Trio - Band
Baby Trio ( first version) George Kontrafouris, Alexandros Vichos, Vagelis Kotzabasis
Baby Trio: (second version) George Kontrafouris, Louis Pafitis, Vassilis Podaras
Baby Trio: (third version) George Kontrafouris, Vassilis Podaras,  Konstantinos Stouraitis
Baby Trio: (fourth version) George Kontrafouris, Yiannis Papadoulis,  Konstantinos Stouraitis
Baby Trio: (fifth version) George Kontrafouris, Yiannis Papadoulis,  Michalis Tsiftsis.
Baby Trio: (sixth version) George Kontrafouris, Kostis Fanaras, Hector Remsak



Baby Trio is composed of musicians under 25 years old. As soon as they turm 25 they leave the group. Only George Kontrafouris remain.

“Baby Trio was created so as to convey the naivety, the teenage enthusiasm and all the things that electrify a young musician when he is only starting out to play music with a group where its members are his friends. This debut version of the Baby Trio features two very young and remarkably talented musicians: Alexandros Vichos and Vagelis Kotzabasis. I believe that they have a lot to offer in the future. To put it all in a phrase the Baby Trio comprises all the "non-realistic expectations" that arise before "normal life" begins.”
George Kontrafouris 2009

Urban Jazz (october 2012 ) http://jazzonline.gr/en/cd-releases/item/1269-urban-jazz.html
The Main Course   2009  http://jazzonline.gr/en/cd-releases/item/1997-the-main-course-%E2%80%93-2009.html
A New Snack   2008  http://jazzonline.gr/en/cd-releases/item/1996-baby-trio-a-new-snack-%E2%80%93-2008.html

Baby trio participate in the following collections :
Various Artists - First Steps: 2 Years Of Puzzlemusik - Baby Trio — Baby Face
Jazz Society - Thessaloniki 2008-2009(Polytropon) - Baby Trio (feat. Timo Lassy) - 5 to 7

Baby Trio was at Pori jazz festival 2010.
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