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Takoushis-Karapatakis Project

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Takoushis  -  Karapatakis Project

Pianist   Marios Takoushis and bassist   Gabriel Karapatakis   have been playing   for   over   a   decade   together   and   are   considered   two   of   the most prolific musicians of Cyprus.    

In   December   of   2008   they   formed   the   "Takoushis   -     Karapatakis Quartet"     along   with   Giorgos   Krasides     on   sax/clarinet   and Giorgos Koulas   on   drums,   and   began   making   appearances   at   festivals   and selected   music   venues.   July   2009   saw   the   completion   of   their   debut CD "Sympnoia" which got released in March 2010.        

In   November   2011   they   presented   the   " Takoushis   -     Karapatakis Project"   at   the   Limassol   Jazz   Festival.   This   new   project   featured   collaborations   with   saxophonist   David   Lynch,   one   of   the   greatest musicians   of   the   contemporary   music   scene   in   Greece, Zacharias Spyridakis     a   virtuoso   lyra   player   of   the   new   generation   from   Crete and   Stelios Xydias a young, fiery drummer from   Cyprus.   With   their   new band   they   began   recording   material for   a   new album and   in   May   2012 were   the   first   band   from   Cyprus   to   take   part   in   the 12th European Jazz Festival   in Athens.  

Their   new   album   "Seven   Miles   East"   was   released   in   June   2012   and was acclaimed by music critics.    

Both   musicians   aim   to   develop   their   music   based   on   the fundamentals   of   jazz   -     interaction,   improvisation   and   individual   self -expression.   At   the   same   time,   their   source   of   inspiration   for   original ideas   and   compositions   comes   from   the   Mediterranean   culture   and tradition.  

[Seven Miles East] "Sextet of piano, clarinet, bass, sax, Cretan lyra, and drums. A beautiful   recording   that   would   put   many   of   the   wor ld   jazz   albums   released   on ECM to shame. Lyrical, poignant, and textured music. A little bite here and there to   keep   things   dangerous,   but   mostly   tunes   more   likely   to   make   the   listener swoon. Find of the Week. " Dave Sumner   -     jazz critic  

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