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Jazz Chronicle - 1981

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In 1981, Mimis Plessas releases his first Jazz album. Overseas, Miles Davis tours to Japan with Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock,  Ron Carter,Tony Williams 

Around the world


In July, Miles Davis appears at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, during the Newport Jazz Festival. The event marks his return to live performance after a prolonged retirement caused by ill health.

Wynton Marsalis leaves Art Blakey’s and the Jazz Messengers and tours Japan with Miles Davis’s former rhythm section: Herbie Hancock, piano – Ron Carter,bass – Tony Williams,drums

In 1981, at the age of 19 Wynton Marsalis entered the record book by becoming the first performer to sign recording contract for both classical music and jazz. Marsalis promoted the performance of live acoustic jazz firmly rooted in traditional musical values.As with many of jazz’s most capable technicians, however,his consummate facility sometimes encouraged him to stray into mere virtuosity  for virtuosity’s sake, and his exhortations on his definition of “real” jazz and its superiority to jazz-rock hybrid styles let to a temperamental clash with his idol Miles Davis.
“ I was never jealous of him” Miles said, but added “the more famous he became the more he started saying things - nasty, disrespectful things - about me, things I have never said about musicians who influenced me and who I had great respect for”
“I really liked Wynton when I first met him. He’s still a nice young man, only confused. I knew he could play the hell out of classical music, and great technical skills on the trumpet… But you need more than that to play great jazz music, you need feelings and an understanding of life that you can only get from living from experience.” Miles Davis – The Autobiography (1989)

In October, the Modern Jazz Quartet is reformed for a reunion concert in Tokyo as part of the Monterey  Jazz Festival’s tour to Japan. It’s members have spent seven years apart. The event is commemorated by their recording Reunion at Budokan.

Martial Solal composes  his concerto for Jazz Trio and Orchestra

David Sunborn records his album Voyeur, combining fusion with popular funk. The track “All I need is you“ composed by Marcus Miller, wins a Grammy Award.

Mary Lou Williams dies aged 71. She is best remembered as an exceedingly versatile pianist and accomplished swing band arranger.

In Greece

Mimis Plessas releases 3 jazz albums.


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