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Vinyl is coming back strong !

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The vinyl record, once considered valuable only to super-fans and audiophiles, has made its resurgence – and it’s coming back strong

The Long Play (LP) record, made of grooved polyvinyl plastic, became a household staple during the 1950s but faded away with the invention of the cassette tape and the portable Sony Walkman. Compact discs later rendered both mediums obsolete, only to be replaced by MP3s.

Music consumers helped digital sales continue their climb, physical sales continue their slow death, and kept vinyl spinning in 2012, according to report from Nielsen Soundscan and Billboard

Surprising once again was the continued resurgence of the vinyl record. Vinyl saw sales growth for the fifth straight year in 2012, with a 17.7 percent surge complementing 4.6 millions records sold. The numbers mark a new high for the format, according to Nielsen. As one technology races to outdo another, some audiophiles have rebelled and returned to music's roots.

Unsurprisingly, physical music continued its yearly decline, with sales down by 12.8 percent in 2012. Despite this big drop -- including a 13 percent drop in CD sales -- physical remained the dominant format for music purchases, the study found.

While physical continued its decline, digital sales of music continued to rise in 2012. Thanks in large part to digital music stores on iTunes and Amazon.

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