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5 th Greek Jazz Panorama

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The 5th Jazz Panorama on December 4, 5 & 6, 2015 at Onassis Cultural Centre  — 107-109 Syngrou Avenue  - Athens - 2109005800 — - A three-day festival dedicated to the contemporary Greek jazz and improvisation scene. Triumphantly setting the outward-looking tone the festival has always aimed for and achieved, five outstanding Greek combos take to the stage with their invited guests.

4-6 DEC 2015
21:00Upper Stage
Full price: 15 €
Reduced & Small groups
(5-9 people): 10 €
Large groups
(10+ people): 9 €
People with disabilities: 5 € -
Companions: 10 €
Unemployed: 5 €

The groups taking part in the 5th Greek Jazz Panorama are impressively varied. Indeed, this year’s event goes beyond presenting to actively encouraging a fertile stylistic pluralism which combines the contemporary with the traditional to feed into the vivacity and dynamism of the Greek jazz scene.

The Magnanimus Trio get proceedings underway on the first evening of the Festival. Their musical world contains elements of modal jazz in conversation with other contemporary and traditional idioms in minimalist compositions, songs and improvised music. They are followed by the BalaRom Trio, joined on the night by the Bulgarian kaval virtuoso, Nedyalko Nedyalkov. BalaRom—which is to say Pantelis Stoikos on the trumpet and keyboards, Kyriakos Tapakis on the oud and Loukas Metaxas on percussion—surrender themselves, with Nedyalkov’s help, to an orgiastic soundgasm as they play their way through the Balkans at the speed of light with the precision of a magician who knows how to charm an audience onto its feet.

Day Two of the Panorama kicks off with the Tilemachos Moussas Trio performing its World Dog project with Lambros Filippou. From rock to baroque and from jazz to Epirote polyphonics and back again, Moussas and Filippou create new sounds by hand—hybrids which blaze new trails, dispel preconceptions and spread sonic flights of fancy which electrify the audience. They are followed by the Alekos Vretos quartet and their guest, the Azeri pianist, Elchin Shirinof. Vretos ventures into uncharted territory on his oud, leaving a powerful taste of jazz in his wake accompanied by a subtle aroma of the Arab musical tradition produced by the interaction between musicians from different worlds.

On Day Three, we get to hear the sound of a trio straight out of New York: the Greek leader, drummer George Spanos, with two musicians who played for many years with the legendary Rashied Ali: the American saxophonist Lawrence Clark on tenor horn and the Dutch double bassist Joris Teepe. Together, they will dive into the deep waters of African-American music—in fact, into the most difficult and creative part of that tradition: the avant-garde scene from that most legendary of decades, the nineteen sixties.
Friday 4 December
Christos Barbas: piano, ney, kaval, voice
Dimitris Tasoudis: drums, piano, keyboards, marimba, log drum
Pavlos Spiropoulos: double bass

Pantelis Stoikos: trumpet, keyboards
Kiriakos Tapakis: oud, electric oud
Loukas Metaxas: drums
Nedyalko Nedyalkov: kaval

Saturday 5 December
Tilemachos Mousas: 12-string guitar, electric guitar, theremin, synthesizer
Lamprow Filippou: voice
Chrisostomos Mpoukalis: double bass
Panos Tziniolis: drums

Alekos Vretos: oud
Dimitris Klonis: drums
Dimitris Christopoulos: bass
Elchin Shirinov: piano

Sunday 6 December
George Spanos: drums, compositions
Lawrence Clark: tenor saxophone
Joris Teepe: bass


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