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13th “Jazz Festival” in Thessaloniki

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13th “Jazz Festival” in Thessaloniki -26, 27, 28, 29 November 2015 at  8ball Club, Pindou 1, Ladadika - The “Association of Jazz and Creative Music” organizes the 13th “Jazz Festival” in Thessaloniki in 4 days of unique music sounds which aims to lure the audience of Thessaloniki on music adventure with scents by New Orleans and the motto “Jazz is freedom” (Thelonius Monk).

The festivities begin with an original seminar/clinic where audience and apprentice musicians will be initiated by the skilful guitarist, Manos Kourtis, in the secrets of the most basic element of jazz, the improvisation. During the 13th “Jazz Festival” the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy new works from the city's music bands and live unique creative days enjoying ethnic jazz, 90's sounds in combination with electronic and funky sounds, a jazz quintet by fresh presences and a drummer, the renewed “Baby Trio” of Yorgos Kontrafouris, the new work of Alekos Papadopoulos entitled “Kroustomania” and a surprise night with blues-soul-r'n'b with the signature of Grigoris Simadopoulos

In these 4 days of the festival, the audience and apprentice musicians will have the opportunity to learn, enjoy new band works and live special creative musical days ranging from:

* seminar clinic about handling improvisation
* ethnic jazz with 3 guitars in a presentation of 3rd album
* '90s sounds in a combination of electronic and funky sounds
* Jazz quintet from fresh presences and a drummer, students-musicians of University of Macedonia
* the renewed “Baby Trio” lead by Yorgos Kontrafouris
* presenting Alekos Papadopoulos work entitled “Kroustomania” and we bid farewell to the festival listening to
* blues-soul-r'n'b in a surprise night made by Grigoris Simadopoulos

We invite you to participate with your presence in the “13th Jazz Celebration” and become an open party having a musical pic-nic on something pleasing and constructing.

We thank all the people that are beside us and gives us the impetus to continue and improve each time we prepare and organize a music event.
To Be Well!

Communication / contact person : Alexandra Kaletsari
(Association of Jazz & Creative Music")
Festival venue on the upper space of
Club 8ball, Pindou 1 – Ladadika
event start time: 21:30
association coupon: 3€, 5€ & 8€ (depending on the event)
coordination – editing: Alexandra Kaletsari

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