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Melitzazz 2016 - On the Road

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Melitzazz 2016 - on July 6-10 - Melitzazz festival is a colorful, multi-national gathering of cultures, in the capital of Tsakonia, Leonidio. Invited artists and chefs convey the atmosphere of their places, contributing to the celebration with music, dance, culture and tastes. Scattered events take place in the streets, at squares and in the chateaus of the picturesque traditional village of Leonidio, numerous open stages are set up throughout the city of Leonidio, the streets are transformed into open air bars and street food goes to a new dimension, where music and dances tangle with scents and flavors of local and international gastronomy.
Organization: Municipality of South Kynouria, Development Company of Region Parnonas S.A.

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