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MEDITERRANEAN ARTISTS MASTERS 2016 - Music Festival and Academy in Naoussa - Paros - Greece - MAM 2016 under the theme Capturing Naoussa will begin its first edition of a music festival combining masterclasses and workshops by day, concerts and performances by night.
The unique village of Naoussa in Paros, considered one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Greece, will host all the events. A mix of traditional Cycladic expression and cosmopolitan sophistication will make for an unforgettable summer experience.
Our aim is to promote artistic practice in a place where aesthetics meets high quality vacation: a spot where you can enjoy easy living.
The Greek isles have drawn in for centuries numerous artists seeking cathartic wellness, beneficial for creative learning. Our intention is to create, while using the local community of Naoussa as a setting, one week of gratification where fun meets creative depth.


July 11:
Jam Session at Hotel Arkoulis With the team of teachers:
Chloé Cailleton - vocals
Andreas Polyzogopoulos - trumpet
Vasilis Gouzios - saxophone
Stéphane Tsapis - piano
Marc-Antoine Perrio - guitar
Arnaud Biscay - drums and percussions
Marc Buronfosse - double bass

July 12:
Jam Session at the Marina
Chloé Cailleton - vocals
Andreas Polyzogopoulos - trumpet
Vasilis Gouzios - saxophone
Stéphane Tsapis - piano
Marc-Antoine Perrio - guitar
Arnaud Biscay - drums and percussions
Marc Buronfosse - double bass

July 13:
Aegean Night at Paros Park
ÆGN invites Chloé Cailleton - vocals / Alin Batanian - dance / Spiros Balios - violin / Jean-Philippe Carlot - poetry - For the release of the CD "ÆGN" on Abalone Productions
ÆGN: Andreas Polyzogopoulos - trumpet / Marc-Antoine Perrio - guitar / Stéphane Tsapis - keyboards / Arnaud Biscay - drums / Marc Buronfosse - fender VI basse

July 14:
Paris Paros Night in the garden of Naoussa Main Church
Cybèle Castoriadis "Sous le ciel de Paris" - Cybèle Castoriadis - vocals and Iraklis Vavatsikas - accordion - For the release of the CD "Sous le ciel de Paris" on Mikri Arktos Records. 
Stéphane Tsapis "Border Lines" Trio - Stéphane Tsapis - piano / Arnaud Biscay - drums / Marc Buronfosse - double bass - For the release of the CD "Border Lines" on Cristal Records

July 15:
Jazz Night in the garden of Naoussa Main Church
Vasilis Gouzios Quintet - Vasilis Gouzios - tenor saxophone / Heleen Schuttevaer - piano & vocals / Michael Felberbaum - guitar / Arnaud Biscay - drums / Marc Buronfosse - double bass

July 16 :
Electro Night on the Venetian Port - Setter - Marc-Antoine Perrio - guitare & electronics - Xavier Gignoux - electronics - Caminos DJ-Set - Roméo Durand-Caminos - DJ

July 17:
Final Night at the Marina
MAM 2016 Students Final Concert

MAM 2016 is also a music academy welcoming students from all level wishing to share great moments of music with a team of experimented teachers.

About our offer:
*6 days of music / masterclasses, workshops and concerts
*Daily public performances with students and performing artists
*Arkoulis 3 star hotel with pool, close to center of Naoussa
*Lunches included in the village tavernas (except day off)
*Free access to all concerts
*Extra privilege: Professional recording studio available with sound engineer to record your demos (with supplement):    White Pebble Studio

Fee: 695€ including : 7 nights based on double-room accommodation at hotel Arkoulis (3 star hotel with pool) + breakfast + 5 lunches
Possibility of single room, triple room and studio for 4 people (ask for further information)
Without accommodation and lunches (pedagogic fee only): 375€

Dates of program: From July 11 to July 17 - 2016

*Arrival in Naoussa on July 11: opening cocktail and jam session at 21:00, Arkoulis hotel
*July 12, 13, 14, 16 and 17: masterclasses and classes in the morning, workshops in the afternoon, concerts or jam sessions at night
*July 15 day off, concert and jam session in the evening
*July 17: student's concert
*July 18: departure or option of one-day boat cruise with BBQ (cruise with supplement + extra night at the hotel)

How to register? Send us an email at the following address with your name, email, phone and instrument
We will contact you for more information - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

* Chloé Cailleton - vocals, France
* Alin Batanian - contemporary dance and yoga, Greece
* Andreas Polyzogopoulos - trumpet, Greece
* Vasilis Gouzios - saxophone, Greece
* Stephane Tsapis - piano, France/Greece
* Marc-Antoine Perrio - guitar, France
* Arnaud Biscay - drums and percussions, France
* Marc Buronfosse - upright and electric bass, France


Marc Buronfosse
Marc Buronfosse is an active & accomplished musician who has played with some great musicians such as Cesarius Alvim, Charlie Haden, Reggie Workman and Henri Texier,Gary Peacock, Marc Johnson and Mark Dresser. He also met and played with Jimmy Cobb, Steve Kühn, John Abercrombie, Lew Soloff, Jim Hall, Tim Berne, Dave Liebman and Billy Harper… In Paris, he plays with Stéphane Guillaume Quartet + Brass Project, René Aubry Septet, Gueorgui Kornazov “Horizons” Quintet, Jasser Haj Youssef Quartet, Isabelle Olivier Trio…and presently has his own quartet with musicians Benjamin Moussay, Jean Charles Richard and Antoine Banville. http://www.marcburonfosse.com/

Αndreas Polyzogopoulos
Andreas Polyzogopoulos was born in a small village in South-West Greece. That’s where he got involved in music by studying guitar at the age of ten. At sixteen he moves to Athens and starts participating in rock and blues bands but soon he discovers jazz. He studies jazz guitar with Yiotis Samaras at Philipos Nakas Conservatory and in 2000 picks up the trumpet. In October 2002 he moves to the Netherlands and studies at the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam. He also takes lessons from Markus Stockhausen and Angelo Verploegen and follows a workshop with Paolo Fresu in Sardegna. While studying in Amsterdam he plays with various multi-ethnic groups and in 2006 he forms “Poly Quartet”, a group that performs his own compositions. In 2008, the band records the album “Perfumed Dreams” and wins first place in “Motives for Jazz” competition in Belgium. The same year he graduates from Conservatorium van Amsterdam and returns to Greece. He appears on 45 records, has performed all over Greece and Europe and in 2010 was a member of the European Youth Jazz Orchestra. In 2013 he recorded a Cd with songs of his favorite rock band and all-time inspiration Pink Floyd (Heart of The Sun - The music of Pink Floyd) and toured around Europe and in New York city. Andreas collaborated with Tore Brunborg, Michel Portal, Gunter Baby Zomer, Markus Stockhausen, Tony Lakatos, Psarantonis, Savina Yannatou, Dulce Pontes, Serge Teyssot Gay (Noir Desires), Anne Paceo, Kostas Theodorou, Yiorgos Kontrafouris, Mode Plagal, Nikos Sidirokastritis, Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, David Lynch, Stavros Lantsias, Haig Yazdjan, Vangelis Katsoulis, Takis Barberis, Thanasis Papakonstantinou among others. In 2014 Andreas brings a new band together playing his newest compositions.The record released in 2015 is called “ Anicca” and the mediterranean sound is more present in the sound of the band.

 ÆGN   -  
We all know that Ulysse didn’t want to leave. If the choice had been his, he would have stayed in Ithaca by Penelope’s side. He would have chosen to cultivate his land and see his child Telemachus grow. He would have stayed there in the wilderness, contemplating time flying by. His journey would have been different, mostly introspective but probably just as meaningful. He would have settled for the vicious cycle that traveling writer Nicolas Bouviers’ Ulysse is characterized by:

Every night you watch the sun’s cup dive
Roaring in the dappled sea

The journey, in which Marc Buronfosse embarks us, is comparable to Homer’s Odyssey in its imaginary elements. This is a still voyage: we travel through the motionless currents of the Aegean sea. Its inmost depths arise at the surface of Naoussa Kampos, on the island of Paros where the album was recorded. Leaving the double bass aside he favored the curves of a Fender VI, without loosing an ounce of sensuality. Either it is a guitar or a bass, an instrument has the special power to depict a particular landscape, describing a scenery between the sky and the ground, the ground and the sea, the light and the dark, between Europe and Asia… The instrument can even transcribe the exact meeting point between these different dimensions by offering electronic sounds, which tell the story of a calm but inescapable sea. The salty water goes from a liquid state which roles down the drum set of Arnaud Biscay to a gaseous one warming up to the sound of Andreas Polyzogopoulos’s trumpet. This sea recalls Bill Laswell’s Panthalassic Ocean, a reminder to Miles Davis’s work. The departure is the same but we land in different places. With Marc-Antoine Perrio’s touch on the electric guitar, ÆGN draws with the precision of a cartographer every detail of the Greek Archipelago.
To pay tribute to almost 10 000 small islands off the coast of the Balkans, Marc Buronfosse chose the color blue. But not any blue: a tone, which goes from a dark blue to a lighter blue emphasizing Stephane Tsapis’s keyboards. Even if Paros still has its secrets, this album traces the hypnotic, obsessional trance of a familiar place, in which nearly all the nooks and corners are known by heart. This is why ÆGN wishes to embrace all of us. It can reflect in each and every one of us, either sitting down next to Marc Buronfosse, watching the sea or being in a completely different place… 
But for the moment, let’s stay in Paros. The weather is so fine!

Cybèle Castoriadis
Born in Paris to a musical family, Cybèle set her heart on a singing career when aged 7, she first heard Bach's Jesus Joy of Man Desiring. An eclectic selection of recordings were her home fare: Beethoven sonatas, songs by Prévert and Kosma, the Frères Jacques and 'rebetiko' music. Added to an early start, she is comfortable in a wide repertoire ranging from opera to contemporary music as well as jazz and pop. She also acts and has been featured in plays and venues such as DNA by Dennis Kelly at the Théâtre de la Bastille, Mataroa : la Mémoire Trouée (Mataroa, Mutilated Memories) during the 2014-15 season at the Théâtre du Soleil in Paris and the Théâtre de la Liberté in Toulon. With singer Audrey Bentley, she co-wrote the musical comedy  Oh My Glotte! (Oh My Soft Palate!). A spirited, playfully absurd musical, it has often been performed in France, last at the Théâtre de l'Épée de Bois in Vincennes.
Cybèle has appeared in concerts in France and Greece with Kurt Weill songs, jazz standards and French popular songs with social themes dealing with city life. The latter were commissioned by the Paris Town Hall for the Fête de la Musique. In 2013, for an evening of music from France and Greece, she performed works by contemporary composer Thierry Pécou on the Acropolis, with an orchestra conducted by Dionysios Dervis-Bournias. Her first CD entitled Sous le Ciel de Paris was issued in 2015 by Greek producer Mikri Arktos featuring Dora Bakopoulo on piano and Iraklis Vavatsikas on accordion.  A tribute to the Golden Age of French song, it was received with critical acclaim by the Greek press (Kathimerini,  Ta Nea, To Vima etc.) and it has toured with the Aegina Festival, in Athens, Kalamata and Tinos.
Since 2014, she is touring with guitarist Orestis Kalampalikis with new arrangements of a worldwide repertoire of songs.


Stéphane Tsapis
Stéphane Tsapis is a composer, pianist and professor of film scoring at the Paris Conservatoire.
His album Mataroa, literary and musical fresco retracing the route of the exiled Greeks during the civil war, is supported by SACEM and is hailed by international critics (Mexico, Colombia, Greece, France citizen jazz award in 2012, USA, Japan). He multiplies collaborations abroad, especially in Japan with the album Musique pour 4 mains et une bouche, a duo with the Japanese saxophonist Maki Nakano. In May 2014 he tours once more in Japan with Charlie and Edna his latest trio album (Jazzmagazine revelation) produced by the Japanese label Cloud. He represents France with the Paris-Mexico project in 2013 in the Mexico Euro Jazz festival where he performs in front of 20,000 auditors. He represents France in Dushanbe Ethno jazz festival in Tajikistan in May 2014 where he performs in trio with Maki Nakano and Yann Pittard. His new album Border Lines will be released in March 2016 on Cristal Records label distributed by Harmonia Mundi. In this album he explores his Greek roots with lots of freedom, accompanied by Marc Buronfosse on bass and Arnaud Biscay on drums.
Among his many accomplishments and price, we can mention that Stephane was awarded at the International Film Festival of Aubagne for the film La Nuit autour, and that he won the first prize at the Duke Ellington composition contest in 2012 with his piece for Big Band Mount Athos.
Alongside his career as a pianist, he composes more and more for the cinema: he has written the soundtrack of Khaos, les visages humains de la crise grecque in 2012, and that of The Immigrant (Chaplin) for Jazz quartet and symphony orchestra to be premiered in January 2016 in Paris with guest soloist Jean-Charles Richard.

Vassilis Gouzios
Vasilis Gouzios started his education in classic music in 1988 in Athens School of Music with Mr. Faradatos and T.Kerkezos as an alto saxophonist. In 1992 he continued his studies in London School of Music where he started his Jazz education. Between 1993 and 1995 he was active part of the jazz scene in London with gigs in different town locations. In 1996 until 1998 he participated in the band of Greek Air Force (Greek Army) as tenor saxophonist. The following three years he continued his jazz studies in Greece with A. Ladopoulos, S. Siros and B.Tsilivikos.
In 2001 he moved in New York for a year, where he took private lessons with G. Coleman and G. Stewart. After this intensive education with the Masters of New York’s Jazz scene Vasillis Gouzios changed completely his approach about Jazz. Jazz received an “upgrade”, it became a way of living, something much more than a single type of music, as it was perceived in Greece. Going back to Greece he formed his own quartet and start performing in different cities of Greece. He kept travelling in NY at least once a year participating in seminars with jazz legends as Sonny Rollins, Kenny Barron, J.Jackson, Jimmy Cobb, Roy Hargrove, Jerry Bergonzi and Craig Bailey. The lessons he took with C. Banakos in between 2004-2006 who was based in Boston created an added value to his education and specifically to his improvisation techniques. In 2011-2012 V. Gouzios composed the soundtracks of "only 19" short film and "Boxers" Documentary of the film Director, G. Panteleakis. He teaches Jazz at the Mythodia conservatory in Paros.

Large sonic landscapes designed in perspective, Setter builds architectures held by a balance of emotions and textures.

Caminos DJ Set 
After growing up listening to David Bowie, The Verve and The Clash, Caminos discovers the power of electronic music with two major albums: “Demon Days” by Gorillaz and with Daft Punk’s 4th album “Human After All”. One thing leading to another, he becomes attracted to the French electronic scene, digging new artists and new labels such as Ed Banger Records, Institubes, Boys Noize Records and Turbo. Using the Chemical Brothers as his main inspiration, Caminos aspires to make rock and more electronic tones meet in one set.
As of today his favorite independent record labels are I’m a Cliché and Fantasy created by Erol Alkan, “a master in spotting new artists like Daniel Avery, producing raw but sensual techno music”. Caminos continues to pave his way through the vast world of today’s alternative music by listening to Lone, Perc or Modeselektor.

MAM 2016 is organized by Arts Culture Europe - Marc Buronfosse, Artistic Director
About Arts Culture Europe: supporting cultural sustainable development & the arts.
Arts Culture Europe is a non profit association under the French law Association de 1901. It was created in November 2011 by Philippe Norindr, Jean-Paul Cottez, Jennifer and Marc Buronfosse. This association aims to respond to the social, relational, material and pedagogical needs to both amateur and professional artists by all means necessary. It also provides social, educational and cultural awareness by promoting the arts and culture to a broad European population: children, adolescents and adults.

  www.mam2016.asso.st      http://www.mamfestival.org/ 

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