"I can tell whether a person can play just by the way he stands …If they act too hip, you know they can't play shit " Miles Davis

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Jimmy Smith Great Quotes

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"... I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know how to do it”
"I heard Mr. Wild Bill Davis. I heard him play in 1930 and he told me that it would take me fifteen years just to learn the pedals, the pedals of the organ and I got mad."

"Three months. I was playing the organ for three months. It was a challenge for me in the beginning."

"And then when I found my sound, it took me two and a half weeks to find my sound and when I did I pulled out all the stops, all the stops I could find"

"People like the idea of the trio and so I did mostly trio"

"Ninety-five percent of my audience was white."

"Choosing people to be on your ‘Sammy Hagar and Friends’ record, you’re going, ‘I’ve got so many friends.’ And so many friends have called me up and said, ‘Come on dude, why didn’t you ask me to be on the record?’ I’m going, ‘Damn, I forgot.’ I really did "

"It’s a matter of who would be right for each song. Mickey Hart for ‘All We Need is An Island’ — he’s the only guy I know who has Tahitian drums and every kind of drum on the planet."

“…..I really feel like I made it a great record…I really feel good about it. In this day and age to make a record that you say, ‘This is different,’ that’s a tough nut. I did it by accident but it got done. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know how to do it”

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