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Desertico - Paolo Fresu

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Desertico is a post bop music album recording by PAOLO FRESU and his Devil Quartet.

Paolo Fresu is one of today's most gifted and well-known trumpeters. He counts Miles Davis and Chet Baker among his primary influences, and his own unique sound and music are at once clear, brilliant and joyful. Fresu founded the Devil Quartet in 2004 together with three fantastic musicians and close friends - guitarist Bebo Ferra, bass player Paolino Dalla Porta and drummer Stefano Bagnoli. In keeping with the Quartet's name, their new album, Desertico, is devilishly inventive and beautiful. Consisting of original compositions - except for a captivating version of ''(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'' and a poignant version of ''Blame It On My Youth'' - the album is infused with a delightful blend of serenity and jubilation.

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