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Tony Lakatos - Home Tone

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Tony has delivered a first class jazz record that is inspiring from start to finish and refreshingly honest with no game playing. This is men at work!!”   Dave Liebman

Currently a resident of Frankfurt, Germany, saxophonist Tony Lakatos is without a doubt one of the leading European masters of his instrument, even though he can still claim to be a hot tip among insiders in the know. Following his studies at the acclaimed Bela Barok Conservatory in the 1970s, this native Budapest, Hungary accumulated a track record of over 150 CD   productions as leader or sideman accompanied by musicians like Al Foster, Joanne Brackeen, Terry Lyne Carrington, Anthony Jackson and Kirk Lightsey.

For his new album Tony has invited Axe; Schloser, trumpet — Robi Botos, piano — Bob Hurst, bass — Billy Drummond, drums. The recording session took place in New York in November 2011.


“I know Tony a long time and he has always been the real deal with fire, inspired playing and most of all a firm commitment to REAL jazz. Using a stellar cast of New York players and a wide variety of material, this music is at the highest level. The compositions reflect the influence of Miles and Coltrane’s great repertoire from the 1960’s along with some very lyrical tunes. Dave Liebman



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