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Amiris Sami

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Today, S. Amiris is one of the best-known and highly respected jazz pianists in Greece. His playing style has an individual character, as he is influenced by a wide musical spectrum, ranging from all the history of Western Classical Music, the jazz tradition, the traditional music of many countries around the world, including India, Arabia, Latin America, Africa, Maori, Greece and the Balkans, etc., and the music of ancient Greece.

Two very important groups of instrumental music in his musical life nowadays: his collaboration with drummer Yannis Stavropoulos and bassist Periklis Trivolis in the power jazz piano trio NUKeLEUS, with the release of their debut double CD "Masterpieces Revisited" under their belt, and also his collaboration with the saxophonist Antonis Ladopoulos in the highly interactive sax-piano duo Phos with an album with the same name under way. He also is the pianist of the Big Band of the Municipality of Athens - and has been since 2000.

He has appeared on stage with many artists from around the world, and also most of the leading figures in the Greek jazz scene. A small indicative list: Bobby Shew, Arild Andersen, Markus Stockhausen, Craig Bailey, Patrice Heral, Chico Freeman, Ron McClure, Sean McGowan, Reiner Witzel, David Garibaldi, Dom Famularo, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Marko Djordjevic, Manuel Orza, Enrique "Kiki" Bu, Vasilis Rakopoulos, Takis Paterelis, Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, Nick Kapilidis and the Jazz Utopia, Janet Kapuya, Veronica Mortensen, Eva Kesselring, Hara Kefala, etc.

He has appeared at numerous and important festivals both inside and outside Greece, including the 8th Novi Sad Festival, the Pannonian Bridge Project, The Durees Festival, The Athens Jazz Festival, Santorini Festival, Tinos Jazz Festival, etc. He was a lecturer at the 7th Novi Sad Jazz Festival, the 6th Summer Ionian Academy at Corfu, and has held various seminars at various higher education Institutions. He has appeared, with various collaborations, at the Athens and Thessaloniki Music Halls, Onassis Cultural Centre, French Institute of Athens, Goethe Institute Athens and Thessaloniki, Conservatory of Athens, etc.

As a teacher, he has many and important successes. Students of his have attended some of the most prestigious musical universities and Academies around the world, both as undergraduates and graduate students. He is a firm believer in the active interaction between mathematics and music, especially in rhythm, and in the completely practical knowledge of every aspect of music theory, irrespective of field, genre or complexity.


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