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Psihoyios Yiorgos

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Pianist, composer

Yiorgos started studying the accordion when he was 14 at the “Greek Odeon”, next to Mrs. Tsekoura-Karagiannidou. He graduated in 1987 and he took his diploma with Α΄ excellent. He continued his studies at the experimental Odeon with the soloist Agathi Leimoni and finished his studies next to Gerasimos Kakalis, taking the diploma of the piano soloist with A΄ excellent.    

Yiorgos continued his studies in the Theory of Music with the composer - pianist Mr Manos Skarvelis. He has also attempted seminars of Contemporary Music Analysis and Notation, Lead of Orchestra, and participated in seminars of Piano and Chamber Music with many exceptional foreign pianists (Oxana Yablonskaya, Ellen Traganas, Lev Vlanskeko, duo Ganev, and others)


Yiorgos apart from his pianist career in classical music, has been also occupied with Jazz Music and Improvisation, with great success as well. He’s been also a Piano Teacher for eleven years at Odeon and music schools. He has created and leaded since 1998 the Students’ Orchestra and Chorus of the Economic University of Athens.


Yiorgos Psichoyios has staged five recitals of piano improvisation in Greece, with further recognition from the critics and the audience.

From 2004 is part of the Mimis Plessas΄ Orchestra, participating with him in great concerts all over Greece.

During the last years participates in great concerts and recitals in Greece and abroad and he is collaborating with many artists.




- In 1993, he performed for the first time with his composition for strings and the piano “Thalassa apo Mov - Sea colored purple”.

 - In 1994, was participated in the world competition for young composers “Ensemble Modern du Montreal” in Canada and won the Second Award among 130 candidates.

 - In 1995, he composed this first concert for violin and orchestra “O Thanatos tou Tango - The death of Tango” for accordion and percussion, strings and classical quitar.

 - In 1999 he performed at  Pallas” with his symphonic composition under the title “Medousa” with the Contemporary Orchestra of the ERT TV.

 - In 2001, his composition “Vathi Ble - Deep Blue” for Piano and Strings was recorded by the Modern Orchestra of ERT.

 - In 2004, his composition ‘Ecuador’ for strings and the “Vathi Ble 2 - Deep Blue 2” , were recorded by the Modern Orchestra of ERT.

 - In 2004, he composed and recorded his first work for Jazz Trio, called “Changing”.



- “Manos for Astor” for Accordion and Strings (2000)

- “I Parakseni agapi mias lefkas ki enos alogou” for Piano and Small Orchestra. (1998)

- “I pali gia violi” for Piano and a Narrator (2003)

- “Ecuador” for String Orchestra (2003)

- At the 10th Biennale of Venice (2006), Yiorgos Psihogios with Mikis Theodorakis, were the two only Greek Composers who participated and honored as well. Yiorgos Psihogios participated with the score “Medousa”.

 - On December 2006, releases his first c.d. with his own jazz compositions and Improvisations, by the label Artway-Technotropon of the record company Polytropon, under the title “RESURRECTION … a jazz sensation”

 - On December 2007, releases his second c.d. by the label Artway-Technotropon of the record company Polytropon, under the title “LOVE OBSESSION … a jazz sensation 2”


- Both c.d.’s are distributed by Universal.



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