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Kontrafouris George - Portrait

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Pianist, Organist, composer, arranger

In the Jazz organ World….
…It is fair for me to say that we all are striving to perfect our skills as players, listeners, and bandmates. It’s a life long yearning to be the best we can be while we spend countless hours listening to what other organists are playing, practicing to perfect what we heard, and then playing a million gigs as we sharpen and mold ourselves to gain the title “jazz organist”
On the recording, I’m proud to introduce you to a great devoted musician who in my book has gained the very title “jazz organist” . Ladies and Gentlemen  ...Mr. George Kontrafouris .  
Tony Monaco

George Kontrafouris, jazz pianist & organist with an international career and probably the leading and most restless figure of his generation on the Greek jazz scene.  

George Kontrafouris was born in Athens, Greece in 1967. He studied classical piano at the National Conservatory in Athens. At the age of 16, he turned his interest to jazz music and he followed up jazz improvised lessons with Markos Alexiou. He studied also with Jim Beard and Jarmo Savolainen. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Jazz Performance from Sibelius Academy in Finland.
He has performed as piano or organ player with many famous and outstanding musicians such as: Mark Johnson, Arild Andersen, Marcus Stockhausen, Louisiana Red, Keith Copeland, Andy Sheppard, Ralph Peterson Jr., Bob Brozman, Carla Cook, Alvester Garnett, Stepko Gut, Olivier Gatto, David Liebman, Houston Pearson, Eric Alexander, David Sills, Lou Donaldson, Sam Newsome, Jamie Hadad, Deborah Davies, Benny Golson, Tim Hagans, Bob Shepard, Carmen Lundy, Sheila Jordan, Jukkis Uotila, Wade Mikkola, Takis Paterelis, Stratos Vougas, Dimos Dimitriadis, Lydia Fylipovic, T. Spasov, A. Pacatius, Alex Foster, Adam Nussbaum, Dean Bowman, Olivier Temime, Anne Paceo…

He has been teaching jazz piano and organ for several years in Athenaeum Conservatory in Greece and in Sibelius Academy in Finland and he is currently belongs to the faculty of the Ionian University in Corfu. He has already given Master Classes in various schools in Greece, Ireland, Indonesia, and Estonia so far.

He is also the artistic director of the Tinos Jazz Festival.

He is currently performing with his trio: George Kontrafouris Trio or with his well know Baby Trio  .
He is also performing with George Trantalidis Trilogia and with Timo Lassy

DISCOGRAPHY as a leader

Baby Trio - Urban Jazz (puzzlemusik 2012)   http://jazzonline.gr/en/cd-releases/item/1269-urban-jazz.html
Baby Trio - The Main Course (puzzlemusik 2009)

Baby Trio — A New Snack (puzzlemusik 2008)

Little Daddy’s Blues (Chicken Coup 2007)

The Storyteller (Puzzlemusic 2007) - Puzzlemusik releases the album in vinyl as part of the anniversary of the 10 years of the company in 2016

My only way  (Europe Records 2002)

Too Close (Legend 2000)

Don't be shy  ( Lyra  1997)  

Discography with the Ionian University

Jazz Now ! New Music from Ionian University Jazz Program" published by Jazz&Tzaz Magazine (issue No 224, November ‘11) features original jazz works by 13 Ionian University students and recent alumni many of them with extended academic training in the US and recipients of prestigious scholarships from Fulbright and Onassis foundations. Produced by Ionian University associate professor Dimos Dimitriadis, lecturer elect George Kontrafouris and JAZZ&TZAZ Magazine.

Ionian Jazz Ensemble, featuring original works, written and performed by the first graduates of the Ionian University’s jazz degree was released in the March and summer 2003 issues of Jazz & Tzaz magazine.

Selected discography as sideman  

- Impromptu Session - Wade Mikkola (Chicken Coup labe, 2011l) - Jussi Kannaste ,George Kontrafouris,Joe Farnsworth, Wase Mikkola

- A week ago today — Finnish top of the line jazz 2011 - Dayna Stephens, Andre Sumelius, George Kontrafouris, Teemu Viinikainen

- Dalindeo ,soundtrack for the sound eye (Ricky-Tick 2010)

- Yorgos Krommydas organ trio, Jazzium ,( Legend el capitan 2010)

- Timo Lassy, Round Two, (Ricky-Tick 2009)

- Yiannis Kassetas, Funk Abyss, (Puzzlemusik, 2009)

- Jarno Kukkonen, Open Case, (SIBARECORDS,2009)

- Contrasts, The Quintet, (AMK, 2008)

- Timo Lassy, The soul & Jazz of, (Ricky-Tick 2007)

- Jarno Kukkonen, Present&Absent, (Kuru Records 2007)

- Dalindeo, Open Scenes, (Ricky-Tick 2007)

- Manuel Dunkel , Darn That Dream, (KSJAZZ 2007)

- Yiannis Kassetas, The truth about the Alien Invasion in Egypt, (Puzzlemusik, 2007)

- Sofia Noiti, Mystic Blues (ANK 2007)

- Eero Koivistoinen Music Society, X-Ray, (WolfGang Records, 2006)

- Timo Lassy, African Rumble, (Ricky-Tick, 2006)

- Dimos Dimitriadis, The Game, (A&N Records, 2006)

- Mandy Gaines & the Wade Mikkola Quintet, Taking a Chance, (AMK, 2006)

- Ionian Jazz Ensemble, Ionian University,       (JAZZ & ΤΖΑΖ magazine, issue 120, March 2003)

- Lydia Fylipovic, Nekada (2002)

- Dimitris Vasilakis, Labyrinth, (Candid, 2001)

- Sofia Noiti, Agios Hronos, (Legend, 2000)

- Benny Golson, The Athens Sessions, (Legend 2000)

- Giorgos Polichronakos, Blink, (Legend, 2000)

- Exit, In Between times (Legend 2000)

- Stratos Vougas, A tribute to Hank Mobley, (Legend, 1999)

- Balkan Voices, (FM Records, 1999)

- Dimitris Vasilakis, Secret Path, (Candid, 1998)

- Takis Barberis, Naiva, (Lyra, 1998)

- Stratos Vougas, Breakin’Loose, (MBI, 1997)

- Makis Ablianitis, Flame Keeper (Thesis, 1997)

- Vangelis Katsoulis, Through the Dark, (Lyra, 1997)

- Page One, Beyond the Blue, (FM Records, 1995)

- Page One, Page One, (Utopia, 1994)

- East Vision, East Vision, (Utopia, 1994)

- Giorgos Trantalidis, AM PM (Akti, 1992)

- Takis Barberis, Are you happy, (Lyra, 1992)

- Takis Paterelis, George Kontrafouris - Funky People (duet),(Europe Records, 1990)

- Takis Barberis, Something from July, (Lyra, 1989)

- EΝΑΛΛΑΞ — κόντρα 1986 — (FM Records)

- ΕΝΑΛΛΑΞ — συνταγή θανάτου 1986 - (FM Records)


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