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Farazis Takis

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Pianist, Composer

Born in 1964 in Athens got involved with music at an early age. In 1977 he started classical piano studies at the Hellenic Conservatory graduating in 1984 with piano and harmony diplomas with honors.In addition to his studies on classical music, he was engaged in jazz and has cooperated with many acclaimed jazz musicians of the Greek Jazz Scene.In 1983 he attended the classes of the Hungarian jazz pianist Bela Lacatos and in 1984 he co-founded the Iskra Group with which he released two albums ( "A new day" and "Parastasis" ).He first composed music for the Iskara Group and he later got involved in other ventures and music styles. A number of his works for piano were recorded and broadcasted on the Greek Radio.     He has also been composing music for the National Theatre of Greece, mainly for Ancient Greek Drama Productions in the Festival of Epidaurus (Euripides': "Alkestis" and "Ion" - Sophocles': "Antigone" and "Oidipous").He has also composed music for the cinema and he has worked with a great number of Greek composers, singers and musicians as an arranger and pianist in a large number of recordings and concerts in Greece and abroad. His musical idiom combines a wide range of music styles balancing between classical, jazz and world music. His first personal CD "Spells of musing" has been praised in reviews and has made an impact in Greece and has also had an exceptional acceptance in Japan. Beside his career as a composer he also occupies himself by teaching piano.


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