The Hirollers

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Swing, Jump Blues and Rock n ' Roll

Long time after Rhythm 'n' Blues jump tunes became Rock 'n' Roll,
the energy that propelled it all still whirls the globe. Who might trace
further Jazz, Swing, Boogie Woogie influences, then follows the route
that masters like Louis Jordan and Louis Prima --
just to name a couple among others - have crossed. Aka JIVE.
The HiROLLERS based in Athens, Greece, generates passion in the same vein.
The band members, well known musicians around, were formed in 2005
aiming not only to play arrangements of their favorite music
but also to create their own unique in style originals focused on dancing.

The frantic and rhythmic drum-beat, the walkin' thunder beat from the double bass, , pianistically ting-a-lings, guitar rifs and the wild saxophones for sure will motivate the public to dance even non-dancers. They are playing covers and their own songs of their 2 c. d 's.
1st- HiROLLERS Boogie (2010) & 2nd-Juke Joint (2012) "
Anyone can dance without knowing the particular dance because the music itself makes to feel. It's definitely a crazy party.

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