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Alexiadis Minas I.

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Musicologist, composer and jazz pianist/ keyboardist
Born in Athens, has studied piano, theory and composition with Yannis Ioannidis and jazz piano with Bela Lakatos. Has gained a Diploma in composition at the Robert Schumann University, Duesseldorf, Germany, is a Law School graduate and has earned a PhD in musicology from the University of Athens.
Many of his compositions have won prizes and have been performed and broadcast worldwide, have been recorded and released in 22 LPs and CDs in Greece, Italy, Germany, England and Japan.  His works involve operas, symphonic, chamber and electronic music, music for the ballet, film and theatre.
Most of his writings have been published like his analytical study on Stravinsky’s Histoire du Soldat, Orpheus’s Magic Flute: Ten studies on opera and musical theatre, etc. He is Assosiate Professor of Opera and Musical Theatre at the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens, Greece.
In the field of jazz he has performed/ collaborated with Chick Corea, Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, Tony Lakatos, Cristoph Lauer, Keter Betts, Gunther Hampel, Matthias Bergmann, Monika Linges, Harry Sokal, Joris Dudli, Heiri Kaenzig, Jeff  Wohlgenannt, Imre Köszegi, Gianni Cavalaro, Matti Raijas, David Lynch, Sarah Fenwick, many distinguished Greek jazz  musicians a.o.






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