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A - The Greek Jazz Scene

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The Greek Jazz Scene is composed by all those great artists on the list below.This is a Special page for all Greek Jazz Musicians and some jazz musicians from abroad living in Greece.  

Ablianitis Makis
Alexiadis I Minas
Alexiou Markos
Amiris Sami
Anadolis Nikolas
Anadolis Sotiris
Anamateros Georgios
Andreadis Stefanos
Andreou Antonis
Arzimanoglou Yannis
Asonitis Christos
Athanasiadis Manos


Baby Trio
Barberis Takis
Bellos Serapheim
Benetatos Pantelis
Blues Revenge
Broken Fingers - Jazz Quartet

Chatzikaleas Stelios
Christodoulou Giorgis
Christodoulou Costis
Christidis Alex
Christofis Lefteris
Crazy People Music
Cubana Bop

Danis Grigoris
Daskalopoulos Thanos
Deep in the Top
Demosthenous Doros
Dimitriadis Dimos
Dimitriadis Yorgos
Dimitriou Vasso
Dimopoulos Nestor
Douvas Sotirirs
Drakopoulos Kallistratos
Drakos Ktistakis Alexandros
Dritsos Tasos

Efstathiou Zoe
Evdemon Michael
Exaras Spiros

Fakanas Yiorgos
Farazis Takis
Floridis Floros
Frog String Quartet

Georgiadis Yiorgos
Georgiou Andreas
Giannikou Magda
Giannouli Tania
Gofa Nassia
Go Jam Group
Gomozias Andreas
Gouberitsis Dimitris
GrePol M.AF.I.A
Gumbo Ya Ya -

Haloulakou Panagiota
Happy Dog Project
Harris Lambrakis Quartet
Hatzianagnostou Thanos
Hoochie Coochie Men
Hot Club De Grece
Hot Organic Trio
Hourdakis Andreas
Human Touch

Iristho en parodo

Jazz on TAP
Jazz Utopia

Kalantzis Dimitris
Kapilidis Nikos
Karaindrou Eleni
Karacostas Antoine 
Karlafti Evgenia
Kassetas Yannis
Katachanas Michalis
Katsoulis Vangelis
Ketentzoglou Vassilis
Kiourtsoglou Yiotis
Klampanis Petros
Klonis Dimitris
Konstandinidi Irini
Konstandinidi Christos
Kontrafouris George
Kordis Lefteris
Kosmidis Theodosios
Kostopoulos Yiorgos
Kotsifas Thodoris
Krommydas Yorgos

Ladopoulos Antonis
Lantsias Stavros
Lerta Alexandra
Leventopoulos Apostolos
Loukatos Yiannis
Loutas Manos
Lynch David
Lyras Nikos

M -
Maginas Kostas
Manesis Spyros
ManoucheDrome Trio
Manousakis Maria
Markesini Maria
Marugg Jacques
Mavrogenis Karolos 
Mermigas Haris
Mode Plagal
Momo Trio
Monkey Beat
Monos Yiannis
Moreleon Martha
Moussas Tilmachos
Moutafis Dimitris 
Music soup

N -
Nazos George
Nissim Tamuz
Noiti Sofia

O -
O3 – Band
Orfanos Alexander

P -
Paleologou Loukia
Panagiotopoulos Spyros
Pantelias Dimitris
Papadimitriou Sakis
Papadodima Fenia
Papadopoulos Yannis
Papadopoulos Yiannis
Papagiannakopoulos Andreas
Papanastasiou Yiannis
Papatriantafillou Jannis
Paterelis Takis
Patsiotis Kostas
Penny and the swinging cats
Plessas Mimis
Podaras Vassilis
Polyhronakos George
Polyzogopoulos Andreas
Prodromidis Babis
Psihoyios Yiorgos

R -
Rafalides Christos
Rakopoulos Vasilis

S –
Samaras Yiotis
Sarantopoulos Leonidas
Saridakis Manos
Sevdalis Dimitris
Simopoulos Nana
Skomopoulos Nikos
Soto Yoel
Spanos George
Spiliotopoulos Tassos
Stavropoulos Yannis
Stavroulakis George
Stefanopoulos Vagelis
Stefanopoulos Vasilis
Stouraitis Konstantinos
Christina Syriopoulou

T -
Tabakis Giorgos
Takoushis Karapatakis project
The Dot Trio
The Ghost Notes
The Hirollers
The Next Step Quintet
Theodorou Kostas
Theoharis Dimitris
Thermos Andreas
The Swing Shoes
The Walking Hats
Toubanaki Aggeliki
Touliatos Nikos 
Trantalidis George
Trivolis Periklis
Tsagari Ioanna
Tsakas Dimitris
Tsolis George
Tzanetakis Penelope
Tzimkas Lakis

Vakirtzoglou Terry
Valenti Eleni
Vassilakis Dimitris
Verouli Miranda
Vogiatzoglou Lito
Voll Brian
Vretos Alekos

Xenopoulos Vasilis

Zachariades Sakis
Zois Lakis

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