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Anamateros Georgios

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Pianist, vocalist, songwriter 

Anamateur, alias Georgios Anamateros, is an autodidact jazz pianist, vocalist and songwriter. His influences include Fats Waller, Cole Porter and Thelonious Monk, as well as Ernst Lubitsch and Fred Astaire.
Since 2006 he appears regularly in Athens' jazz joints as a leader of "Anamateur & Pros". Nowadays Pros are mainly Priamos Morakis (g) and Manos Loutas (cb) - other accomplices include Yiannis Kassetas (tsax), Sera Bellos (dr) and George Kostopoulos (cb). His repertoire includes jazz standards, as well as original  compositions characterised by their lyrical melodies and witty lyrics.  Anamateur is sometimes described as a jazz comedian, but who has a well-hidden face of melancholy.
His first album was released recently, under the title "One doubt arose in the mind of a noble vigilante". It was recorded in Lisbon with Anamateur's Portuguese team, including Marta Hugon (voc), Mario Franco (cb) and Bruno Pedroso (dr) and tells a story of "love, jazz, inspiration and... secrets!" Other albums to follow are "To Pirulita with love", "12 calumniated victims in search of an honnest lawyer" (in Greek), "A certainty blossomed in the heart of the enlightened tyrant" etc.
For detailed articles about Anamateur, demo videos, draft versions of new songs, dates of upcoming shows, info about where to buy his cd from, you may visit his site:

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