“Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise”. George Gershwin
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Jazz on T.A.P

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Jazz on T.A.P. - Band

“They perform original compositions and jazz standards with a free and modified way of sound. Contemporary tunes like the modern European   jazz guitar trios, “fresh” open jazz with a smack of the Dutch scene of the last years. Every musician with his influences and all together are building a strong and unique staff   with energy and tension that comes from the inside.” Jazz & Jazz Magazine (April issue 2009).

Jazz On T.A.P. is a jazz trio formed in Athens - Greece towards the end of 2008. Its founding members are Nikos Terzakis (guitars), Christos Asonitis (drums) and Yannis Papadopoulos (bass). The band presents original composition and also strives a fresh approach on jazz standards. Their first cd “Jazz On T.A.P. (independent production) was released in February 2012 and contains nine original compositions.

The trio already has given enough appearances in the most known musical scenes of Athens and Greek province. It has collaborated with Yiorgos Psihoyios, Solis Barki, Yannis Ekonomides, Nasia Gofa, Vaggelis Paraskevaidis and it has been entertained by the radio programme: “Jazz On Air” of   Pantazis Tsaras (Third Program of ERA-National Radio) and by the radio programme of Kornilios Diamantopoulos. On August 2009 the band performed in the first Jazz Festinal of Tinos Island and in 2011 on the first Jazz Marathon Festival in Athens-Greece.  



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