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Alexiou Markos

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Pianist, Composer
Markos Alexiou was born in Egypt , Alexandria .He started taking music lesson at the early age of four , with maestro Kortone and begun his professional career at the age of eighteen , touring in Lebanon , Syria , Cairo , Alexandria , Cyprus and Greece. He then appeared in well known Jazz Clubs all over the world ( Italy, France, Switzerland ,England ,U.S.A.,Australia).
He becomes a member of the Jazz group "SPHINX" and participates in their first album "Seven dimensions". The "SPHINX" gave many concerts arround Greece and played at the famous George Barakos "Jazz Club" in Athens where Markos Alexiou, Lakis Zois and George Trandalides gave free music seminars.
Their biggest concert was given in Licabetus where four thousand people attended. After the "Shinx" broke up Markos Alexiou makes his first personal record
"Flying To The Unknown" (by EROSMUSIC), with Achilleas and Stratos Diamandis. He teached music in the music schools of Kostas Klavas, Philippos Nakas, Nikos Skalkotas , Athenaeum and has given many seminars. Hi has written books about music: "Jazz" with professor Spyros Raftopoulos(by Papagrigoriou Nakas publications), "Jazz Compositions" and "Jazz Combinations" (by Nakas publications).
Markos Alexiou has participated in Lakis Zois "Esoteric","Dialogue Blue" duo violin and piano with Miltiades Papastamou. "Dialogue Blue" was recorded and printed in Germany with M.Papastamou as producer,Urlich Rutzel as executive producer and Markos Alexiou in reharmonization.
His latest solo piano record is "Playing in the air",published by Europerecords .It consists of three compositions of his own :"Rainbow" , "Doriana", "Contrafouris" and two of others "Someday my prince will come" (by F.Churchill -L.Morey)and "Milestones" (by Miles Davis).
"EPIFOTICIC" with Markos Alexiou - piano and Lakis Zois - guitar has just been released by MUSTOUT.
.."a dream come true with God's help" as Markos says.
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