Vinyl Record Comeback

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In an age of digital music that can be instantly downloaded into you mp3 player, a recording technology once considered old and obsolete - vinyl - has been making a strong comeback and is gaining in popularity, and not just in a cultish way. Vinyl was the fastest-growing musical format in 2010.

Vinyl's increase in popularity is providing a beacon of hope for independent record stores and all music industry that has suffered with the increase of digital downloads this past decade.

There's a whole new generation of record buyers. There's a collector's mentality that is the main driving force behind the popularity of the old-fashioned record. The records made these days come with specially colored vinyl, limited edition artwork and extended liners, notes and behind the scenes details of how the music was produced.

Many people believe that the best thing about playing music on vinyl is the level of quality: They've discovered the quality is far superior and each touch of the needle on a new LP is like music to their ears…

But even if people buy the record, that doesn't mean that they avoid the digital world; People will still download music and buy the album because they want to support the artist or the band.


"Vinyl is hip and cool. The packaging is fun. A lot of young people are into it now. It's a collectible that you can play."

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