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It'all "τζαζ" to me

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A documentary by Nikos Xanthopoulos and Kyriakos Liarakos inspired by Kardamili jazz festival, which takes place every year in Kardamili, in the municipality of Western Mani in the Peloponnese. Under the sound of jazz a visit in the small village of 400 inhabitants in southern Greece is transformed into a spiritual musical life experience. 

It includes interviews by almost all participants of the festival and observes its particular modus operandi, as it is a no ticket event, relying on the exchange of services between Norwegians and Greeks, and it traces its contribution to the local economy.
It follows the Norwegians back home and documents their points of view on music, the contemporary way of life and the interaction between people from different cultures.
It is a voyage through music, between two countries and two peoples, riding on the joy of life, solidarity, the beauty of a universe to which money and commerce is not everything.
A documentary about communication, a brief encounter with utopia which is faraway, so close.

The Documentary is an indiepedant production and it was screened at the opening of the Peloponnese International Documentary Film Festival in Kalamata on the 20th of January this year which held a tribute to ethnographical documebtary with many guests from Norway,and it was screened at the Kardamili Jazz Festival in Kardamili  on the 16th of May 2016.


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