It's taken me all my life to learn what not to play. -- Dizzie Gillespie

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Internationally acclaimed artist Debra Hurd is famous for her passionate and perceptive depictions of jazz, rock, and blues musicians.

Corey Barksdale’s work is continually inspired by jazz. “It frees me to do what I feel when I’m painting,” Barksdale says. While painting, he often listens to jazz greats like Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and John Coltrane. The result has been more than 30 paintings that celebrate the jazz experience.

Dennis is a graphic designer specializing in music related marketing materials and publication design

Andreas Zaxharatos express his love for the jazz music through his camera’s lens

Artist Mike Massengale is best known for his unique “Liquid Vibration“ style of artwork. He often uses music to drive the emotion of his signature style.

Lefteris Arvanitis is an Athens based photographer specializing in Concert Photography.

See and feel the rhythm of jazz by painter and printmaker Gil Mayers. Mayers has gained recognition for his jazz-theme works and has been featured on many album covers such as Dave Brubeck, Jacques Lucier, and Milt Jackson.

Soon after finishing his studies, Pablo started working as a graphic designer for different magazines. This, however, only lasted five years, since total boredom drove him back to his first passion — illustrations.


John Taylor - Caricaturist and artist behind these great caricatures