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Sean Hagan has been painting and illustrating professionally for over 15 years. Jazz music and wine are the prevalent themes in his work, but overall he strives to create pieces that are compositionally interesting.Currently he is exploring abstract art combined with jazz elements, as seen in "Club de Jazz, 2011".  Some pieces  are purely digital, such as "The Jazz Trio", which was created with Photoshop and Flash.

Oliver Barrett was inspired to create a series of portraits of his favorite iconic jazz musicians. He assigned one musician to himself per month for six months during 2009. The result was John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Max Roach, and Charlie Parker in six different prints in blue, paying homage to Blue Note Records.

Contemporary African American Abstract Artist who creates Jazz Art. Smith's artwork explodes with the color and energy of jazz.

Virgil C. Stephens was born in Globe, Arizona. Having no formal training in art, he has been drawing (doodlin') since he first picked up a pencil, as a wet-behind the ears kid.

Heavily influenced by music, Martel Chapman creates a world driven by jazz musicians and musical instruments. In a great effort to Rescue a traditional style, Martel uses Cubism as his basis to develop his complex compositions and deliver a musical atmosphere with his portraits.

Jazz lover, (she use to be a musician ) she is trying through the lens to capture   or better steal unique moments on stage. Some   photos from her collection  on

Musicians are a recurring theme in Merryl Jaye artwork, and her portraits of jazz artist capture the spirit of these iconic performers

Exhibition of Rene Eleftheriadou painting at JAZZPOINT STORE — Acadimias 18 — Athens - 2103235910

In the world of jazz there is one artist collected the world over who has never played an instrument not even a note of music but has left his mark on the jazz culture. Illustrator David Stone Martin was one of the most prolific and influential graphic designers of the postwar era, with his signature hand sketched graphics with two or three primary colors, perfectly capturing the energy and spontaneity of the jazz idiom.