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1st Play Along Guitar Festival at AThina Live

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1st Play Along Guitar Festival  featuring Andre Nieri & Yiorgos Fakanas Group on May 13 & 14, 2016 at Athina Live- Fakanas Art Music School - Posidonos av. 3 — Moschato -210-4813605 - 210-4819355. Some of the best guitarists of Greece and the great Brazilian guitarist Andre Nieri along with Yiorgos Fakanas Group for a music festival with Rock, Metal, Fusion and Jazz music ...

Theodore Ziras , Akis Tourkogiorgis , Irini Ketikidi, Makis Ablianitis, Dimitris Sinogiannis, Christos Tampouratzis, Antonis Vogiatzolou , Dimitris Tsiambaos, Thodoris  Kalantzakos in a single performance dedicated to the guitar lovers and not only ...

Irini Ketikidi - Dimitris Sinogiannis - Anthony Vogiatzoglou - Akis Tourkogiorgis - Christos Tampouratzis - YIORGOS FAKANAS GROUP featuring ANDRE NIERI: Andre Nieri (g), Takis Paterelis (sax), Markos Chaidemenos (keyb), George Fakanas (bass), Menios Pasialis (drums).


Dimitris Tsiambaos - Theodore Ziras - Theodore Kalantzakos - Makis Ablianitis - YIORGOS FAKANAS GROUP featuring ANDRE NIERI: Andre Nieri (g), Takis Paterelis (sax), Markos Chaidemenos (keyb), George Fakanas (bass), Menios Pasialis (drums).

About Andre NIERI:
"Andre's playing is beautiful and show an incredible control of technique, time, rhythm, phrasing and soul. His playing approach is unexpected, unpredictable and never cliche or contrived. There's something uniquely special about his playing and he's just getting started. So remember his name, Andre Nieri, because we'll all be hearing much more from him" Los Angeles, CA, Jan 2012         

Andre Nieri was born in Brazil in 1986. At a young age, Nieri was taken by music and first begun playing his first chords on the acoustic guitar. At the age 7, he was inspired by bands like Metallica and Pearl Jam, however the Brazilian Jazz music called 'Bossa Nova' played a huge influence in his musical background. We can say that being raised in Brazil was a great opportunity to get exposure to a huge variety of music styles.
In 2004, Andre was admitted to the most renowned music conservatory in Brazil and 4 years later he graduated with a degree in Jazz and Brazilian Music.
Soon after, he started touring the country with some rock bands, while focusing on the development of his own style of playing, blending the Brazilian classical guitar fingerpicking technique with the usual electric guitar techniques, as well as improving and his chordal skills.
Since 2011, Andre Nieri has won several internet/youtube guitar contests and has gained attention from the community.
In 2014 he was the winner of the GUITAR IDOL guitar competition, in London, UK. Also, in that year, he was called for a gig with legendary drum virtuoso Virgil Donati (PlanetX, Steve Vai). Later on, he officially got in the band, touring the world and recording a Live DVD in Los Angeles, soon to be released.
Currently he's been working on the composition of his first solo record in which he will blend a several styles such as rock, blues, metal, jazz, samba and fusion.          

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