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10 years of "Jazz + Praxis" in Patras

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Big names and established artists such as Michel Portal, Vincent Peirani,  Nikolas Anadolis Stavros Lancias and Krotala  on the program of «Jazz + Praxis 2013" at the International Patras Festival, organized by the Cultural Organization of Patras Municipality.  “Jazz + Praxis” has marked a significant route of high artistic result and great response by the musical public. This year  for only three nights, from June 27 to 29, 2013 in the ambient space of the atrium of the Old Municipal Hospital an ambitious program brings four jazz   band.
On JUNE 27, 2013  - 21:00  at the  Atrium of the Old Municipal Hospital —
A gypsy jazz band from Patras -   Dimtira Theofanidi,vocals — Dionisio Mouzaki, sax, Giorgos Papavasiliou & Konstantinos Golfinopoulos, guitars — Giorgos Katsika, bass .
Nikolas Anadolis, piano - Dimitris Goumperitsis, double bass - Sotiris Anadolis, drums -
The jazz trio of the extremely talented and internationally award-winning composer and pianist Nikolas Anadolis. This great distinction paved the way for appearances at festivals around the world and famous jazz clubs like the Blue Note in New York. In 2008 he was one of the only two non-Americans to receive the "Presidential Scholarship" of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, for the four years of his studies. In 2012 he completed his degree in piano, orchestration and conducting. In 2009 he was one of five winners of the contest for composition and interpretation at Berklee University. He has composed pieces for solo piano, duo with saxophone, piano trio and brass and string ensembles and big band. He has performed at the legendary jazz club Blue Note in New York as opening group for the pianist Michel Camilo; at the Rabat Jazz Festival in Morocco; in 2011 at the Radio France Festival in Montpellier, France and at the 11th European Jazz Festival in Athens, Greece; in October 2012 at the well-known Enjoy Jazz Festival in Germany and in February 2013 at the 12 Points Festival in Dublin, Ireland. Currently Nikolas is doing a Master of Music in Boston at the New England Conservatory with a major in jazz performance, studying with Fred Hersch and Jerry Bergonzi.
More about Nikolas  Anadolis :  j

On JUNE 28, 2013  - 21:30  at the  Atrium of the Old Municipal Hospital — Stavros Lantsias & Krotala “ River of time”
Stavros Lantsias, a great figure of the Greek music scene, meets  Krotala .
The Krotala, (Petros Kourtis, Andreas Papas. Giannis Papagianoulis ) three percussionists with passion, intensity and particular color influences from the East, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the West creates a new musical idiom through the specifics of each cymbal and convertin   the same time on percussion the most unlikely objects. More about Stavros Lantsias

On JUNE 29, 2013  - 21:30  at the  Atrium of the Old Municipal Hospital — Michel Portal & Vincent Peirani
The founder of modern European jazz, French composer and virtuoso musician Michel Portal (saxophones, bass clarinet), meets one of the strongest cards of the modern scene, the accordionist Vincent Peirani.

On JULY 6, 2013 - 21;30 - at the Roman Conservatory Stephan Micus -   The respected German composer and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Micus come to Patras  for one unique concert - Born in 1953 in Germany, Stephan Micus made his first journey to the Orient at the age of sixteen. Fascinated by the variety of musical cultures around the world Micus has travelled in virtually every Asian and European country as well as in Africa and the Americas. Studying with local master musicians he learned to play numerous traditional instruments, many of them unknown in the Western world. However, Micus‘s intention is not to play these instruments in a traditional manner, but rather to develop the fresh musical possibilities which he feels are inherent in them. In many of his compositions, which he performs himself, he combines instruments that have never before been played together. The resulting dialogues further reflect his vision of a transcultural music.



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