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Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival 2019

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Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival 2019   May 27 - June 2  - Technopolis - Pireos 100 Gazi  -  210 3475518, 210 3453548 - The Onassis Cultural Center meets the Technopolis of Athens on jazz paths ... Two organizations with a strong activity in the music development of the city, present the19th Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival, for six  days full of music.
The longest-running musical institution of Athens with free entry will host, as every year, a variety of jazz, bands and shapes with an international career and recognition from every corner of the globe. This year, for 7 days, on the stage of Technopolis, we welcome 21 musical formats from 19 countries, while the festival frames a series of parallel events, speeches, workshops, exhibitions,  and not only. 

1st Day: 27 May 2019

21.00 Yako Trio
 - Leandros Pasias (piano) | Giorgos Klountzos-Chrysidis (drums) | Vaggelis Vrachnos (contrabass)
This is a group of new musicians from Thessaloniki, who try something new and creative: a jazz-tribute to the great composer Yannis Konstantinidis (hence the group’s name, coming from the composer’s initials). In this project, the three musicians are focusing on covers Yannis Konstantinidis has done in several famous Greek folk songs, while using sounds and rhythms familiar to the classical music. Yako Trio come to add their own experiences from the world of jazz and create something new and original through Konstantinidis’ approach to our folk music tradition.


22.00 Grey Paris - Yiorgos Parisis (piano, electronics) | Arian Stechert (drums, electronics) | Mark Beumer (bass, electronics)
They characterize their music as “cinematic electro-acoustic jazz and the truth is that the sound lascapes they make through enchanting, minimal and trance echorhythms are creating images so powerful that they are one of the most unique modern jazz groups. Grey Paris were formed in Berlin in 2016 and they deliberately follow a certain aesthetic path similar to that of GoGo Penguin, Nils Frahm and Fink. This musical chemistry led to their first album “Now is the Moment”, after their ideas turned into beautiful musical pieces. Nowadays, the band is under a creativity spell and is already recording its second album, “Mideia” which will probably be released in autumn 2019.

23.00 Petros Klampanis Trio - ristjan Randalu (piano) | Petros Klampanis (contrabass) | Bodek Janke (drums, percussion)
The contrabass player and composer Petros Klampanis based in New York is coming to present us a program focusing on his new fourth personal album, “Irrationalities”, which will be released sometime in 2019. Klampanis, having been heavily influenced by the Mediterranean music tradition as well as our folk songs and Balkan sounds, shows a major creative progress in contemporary jazz, thus creating a name for himself in the New York jazz scene. His personal albums (“Contextual”, “Point Two”, “Minor Dispute”. “Chroma”) have allowed him to stand out in the international jazz scene and his compositions, particularly in his last two albums, are true musical gems.

2nd Day: 28 May 2019

21.00 Wajdi Riahi (Tunisia)
- Wajdi Riahi (piano) | Wassim Benehouma (bass) | Ahmed Litaiem (ney) | Bilel Ben Mansour (drums)
A newcomer talented pianist, composer and member of the Jazz Club of Tunisia, Wajdi Riahi has studied Arab music and mainstream jazz. He presented his first jazz concert, along with members of his country’s Jazz Club in 2015. In 2016 Jazz Club is holding a series of concerts, “Jazz Itinerary”, and Riahi is presenting his work in Belgium where he excels. The following years, Wajdi Riahi is taking part in several projects and albums such as “Darimba” by the Tunisian bassist Wassim Ben Rhouma or “Identity” by the bassist Kays Frihat. At the same time, he forms his own group, “North Africa” which becomes awarded in his own country. Nowadays, Wajdi Riahi continues studying in his field in Belgium.

22.00 M. Messios Symmetry Band (Cyprus) - Michalis Messios  (bass) | Ioannis Vafeas (drums) | Charis Ioannou (saxophone) | Christos Gerolatsitis (piano) | Rodos Panagiotou (percussion)
This group, created by contrabass player Michalis Messios, is presenting the original compositions of this talented musician so that the jazz scene of Cyprus can stand out. Messios, who has studied in Berklee College of Music in Boston, is influenced not only by mainstream jazz but from the Mediterranean music tradition and other ethnic and world sounds as well. He is accompanied by an experienced jazz drummer Ioannis Vafeas and a saxophonist Haris Ioannou, both of whom are Berklee graduates too, and together they have released “Bridge of Locks” in 2016. The other two members of the group have studied in the Netherlands, whereas Christos Gerolatsitis has shown an interest in indian music and Rodos Panagiotou has collaborated with many important musicians of Greece.

23.00 Gaspar Karoly Trio feat. Krisztina Pocsai (Hungary) - Gáspár Károly (piano) | János Lutz (bass) | Varga Bendegúz (drums) | Guest: Pocsai Kriszta (vocals)
The pianist Gaspar Karoly is a prominent figure in the contemporary Hungarian music scene and one of the most creative ones. His music has some qualities that have to do with balancing the innovative side of jazz and classical romanticism, both of which are obvious in his latest releases with his trio, the awarded “The Outsider” in 2017 and the recent “Salvation”, where he covers some tracks of the legendary bassist Charlie Haden apart from his own compositions. His original compositions along with the jazz standards are the main core of Gaspar Karoly Trio’s performance, which will also have KrisztaPocsai as guest singer.

3rd Day: 29 May 2019

21.00 Clara Peya & Vic Moliner (Spain)
- Clara Peya (piano) | Vic Moliner (electric bass)
The pianist/composer Clara Peya is one of the most original and unique artists of the Spanish music scene in the recent years. Her music is identified by jazz, pop and electronic sounds and along with the use of hip-hop she manages to express our modern society’s concerns and important questions. Her astounding collaboration with the bassist and producer Vic Moliner is marked by their long-term friendship and together they have worked on numerous projects as the one they are presenting now. This is a musical alliance that goes beyond the common music genres: a jazz musical journey that is switching between electronical music and rap in its most improvisational way.

22.00 Richard Koch Quartett (Germany) - Richard Koch (trumpet) | Michael Hornek (piano) | Jonas Westergaard (contrabass) | Moritz Baumgärtner (drums)
One of the most talented trumpeters of the new German jazz scene, Richard Koch has partnered with many significant musicians such as Nils Frahm, Jimi Tenor, Hermeto Pascoal and Nils Landgren. Therefore, he perfectly blends in the nu jazz scene which has always has powerful musical bases and is strongly influenced by pure jazz, soul, dance etc. His album “Wald”, which was written in the forest of a small island at the North Sea, proves how pluralistic and versatile his influences are. The audience immediately feels the vibes of his music, whose main goal is to describe images and emotions through a wide range of influences, presented on stage by four creative musicians.

23.00 Jaimeo Brown (USA) - Jaimeo Brown (drums) | Chris Sholar (guitar) | Jaleel Shaw (saxophone)
His music reminds us of times of repression and restriction with pieces that come straight out of history’s black pages. Nevertheless, “Work Songs” and his other songs reflect today’s vibe. The New York composer, drummer, academic activist Jaimeo Brown grew up in a violent environment and discovered the multicultural side of the West Coast’s hip-hop scene, which is known for its openness to minorities.  His inspiration includes DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, J. Dilla, along with the great Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Art Blakey and recordings from the African-American Community in Alabama, the Gee’s Bend. This has been his sanctuary where he creates his own sound. Through his many musical partnerships, Jaimeo has offered multiple lectures to several universities where he explains the social significance of art.

4th Day: 30 May 2019

21.00 Filip Jers Quartet (Sweden)
- Filip Jers (harmonica) | Henrik Hallberg (guitar) | Vilhelm Bromander (contrabass) | Wille Alin (drums)
Filip Jers continues the tradition of some very eclectic musicians such as Toots Thielemans, which makes him special and unique. Jers plays harmonica, or more precisely all kinds of harmonica (chromatic, blues harp, bass harmonica etc.) and combines jazz, blues and folk music in his sound while being inspired by contemporary popular music (rock, jazz, country, blues etc.). However, his music is characterized as not only mainstream but close to his Scandinavian origins as well. His amazing musicality has also led to making harmonica a jazz musical instrument worldwide.

22.00 Month of Sundays (Austria) - Alexander Kranabetter (brass section) | Philipp Harnisch (alto saxophone) | Ivo Fina (guitar) | Johannes Wakolbinger (drums)
One of the most special groups of the rich in variety Viennese music scene and the central European jazz scene in general. Four musicians with a high sense of balance between the music form and the music essence are creating a contemporary chamber jazz characterized by sound landscapes that take us to a wonderful music journey. Their first namesake album includes a wide range of compositions which can be either dreamy or cinematic as they balance on mystic and hollow tensions or plain and simple sound emotions. The music of Month of Sundays is so beautifully organized in all the details, with jazz, post-rock and electronic tones, that can easily be called contemporary chamber music.

23.00 Septeto Internacional (Switzerland) - Michael Fleiner (piano) | Juan Munguia (trumpet) | Dudu Penz (electric bass) | Stephane Joerg «el nino» (conga) | Daniel Bagutti (drums) | Bernhard Bamert (trombone) | «Lolo» Garcia (alto saxophone)
Based in Switzerland and having the pianist and composer Michael Fleiner as a leader, this music ensemble researches, analyzes and eventually presents on stage all sides of Afro-Caribbean and latin jazz music styles. It is a multi-national group, with musicians from Cuba, Brazil, Spain and Switzerland including a hot brass section and a fiery rhythm section offering us original compositions and high-quality latin jazz music with Afro-Caribbean origins, urging us to dance and celebrate with all our senses! The Septeto Internacional is touring Europe and all around the world showing us its hot “coolness” and freshness of latin jazz through a sincerely modern approach.

5th Day: 31 May 2019

21.00 Things I Can't Control (The Netherlands) - Marzio Scholten (guitar) | Mathijs Leeuwis (pedal steel) | Jimmi Hueting (drums, fx, synths)
The “Things I Can’t Control is the latest album of the Dutch guitarist Marzio Scholten and, at the same time, his most recent project group. A nod to roots music, an American folk genre, it sinks to the deep swamps and thrives to the highest point of this kind of music. Through this tradition and the link to indie rock, Scholten with his Telecaster and his gang-Mathijs Leeuwis with his pedal steel guitar and Jimmi Hueting with his rhythms- are creating a sound with its own style and character. Nice songs, creative improvisational sound, inspiration for beautiful sound landscapes and impulsive unexplored musical chaos are some of the elements of their music.

22.00 Alfa Collective (Estonia) - Anett Tamm (vocals, keyboard, guitar) | Johannes Laas (guitar) | Taaniel Pogga (keyboard) | Robert Nõmmann (contrabass, electric bass) | Martin Petermann (drums, percussions)
This group started working on their ideas in 2016 and within a year they had become a proper creative team: a quintet working on the songs and the compositions of the lead singer, Anett Tamm, on a musical basis relating to fusion elements such as neo soul, funk etc. as well as blues and jazz with some obvious rock influences. Their first album, under the title “Canvas”, was released last year. It is an eclectic musical journey with a large variety of exquisite sounds and creative rhythm. Alfa Collective often play in local festivals and clubs but they also give concerts in the other Baltic countries.

23.00 Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet (Poland) - Oskar Torok (trumpet) | Marek Pospieszalski (saxophone) | Joanna Duda (piano) | Wojtek Mazolewski (contrabass) | Qba Janicki (drums)
The rich jazz tradition of Poland is masterfully mirrored in its newest music ensembles, which make music beyond the original jazz fields such as rock in all its forms and therefore enrich more this tradition. The group of the bassist Wojtek Mazolewski offers us music with influences from miles Davis and Eric Dolphy to Aphex Twin and Nirvana while keeping a relatively jazz sound in full and paying tribute to the Polish jazz ancestors. His music reminds us of great Polish jazz masters such as Komeda or Nawyslowski. Their album “Polka”, as well as its worldwide deluxe edition, is proof of the group’s worldwide success.


6th Day: 1 June 2019

21.00 Helge Lien Trio (Norway) - elge Lien (piano) | Mats Eilertsen (contrabass) | Per Oddvar Johansen (drums)
Helge Lien’s trio has been around for 20 years more or less and has stood out as one of the greatest small groups of the Norwegian jazz scene and all over Europe in general. The pianist, Helge Lien, follows the same standards set by Bill Evans with his own trio, some decades before. This is the artistic line that he draws for creating wonderful, emotional and totally contemporary music while perfectly combining piano, bass and drums. This multi-awarded and special group, the Helge Lien Trio has just released “10”, their tenth album in a rich recording history that began with their first album “Hello Trol” in 2008.

22.00 Dainius Pulauskas Group (Lithuania) - Dainius Pulauskas (keyboards) | Valerijus Ramoska (trumpet, flugelhorn) | Liutauras Janusaitis (tenor saxophone) | Eugenijus Jonavicius (guitar) | Domas Aleksa (bass) | Augustas Baronas (drums)
The pianist Dainius Pulauskas is one of the leading figures of the Lithuanian jazz scene and his band is one of the most active and influential jazz groups in his country. They are considered the “ambassadors” of the Lithuanian jazz, even though their sound, which belongs to the electronic jazz fusion genre, can proudly stand in both the European and the American jazz scene without any national restrictions. However, Dainius Pulauskas’ fusion has very strong melodic and rhythmical foundations for the last 20 years they have been active in the music industry, thus making it stand out in any international jazz festival.

23.00 Mammal Hands (UK) - ick Smart (keyboards) | Jesse Barrett (drums, percussion, tabla) | Jordan Smart (saxophones)
Coming from a purely nu jazz background, this trio from Manchester (Norwich at first) is breaking the tradition of a jazz style that has to do with the instruments solo and is following a more collective approach to their music. Mammal Hands’ music is based on enchanting, rhythmical and heavenly fascinating melodies that have a trance or minimal sound and is mainly influenced by spiritual jazz, indian music, folk, classical and rock. However they have managed to create their own identity, which showcases the group’s unique qualities. Mammal Hands are showing a new version of contemporary jazz through their three albums (“Animalia”, “Floa”, “Shadow Work”) and a recent EP (“Becoming”).

7th Day: 2 June 2019

21.00 Ondrej Havelka and his Melody Makers (Czech Republic) - Ondřej Havelka, Rozálie Havelková, Vojtěch Havelka (vocals) | Juraj Bartoš, Jiří Patócs, Michal Krása (trumpets) | Michal Plecitý (trombone)| Pavel Jordánek, Jan Tříska, Martin Tříska, Bedřich Šmarda (saxophones) | Jiří Novák (drums) | Petr Tichý (guitar)| Petr Vlášek (contrabass) | Miroslav Lacko (piano)| Martin Zbrožek, JiříSládek (violins)
A splendid swing band which not only covers American classics and standards of a “golden era” but brings also together folk music of early Czechoslovakia and American swing. So OndrejHavelka and his singers, together with Melody Makers will present us some real trad jazz, true swing and boogie, not for the sake of being in current trends but for essentially loving this music. Ondrej’s history and knowledge is an assurance. His pure talent, his deep education and his musical experience along with his theatrical presence will shine on stage.

22.00 Ernie Hammes (Luxembourg) - Ernie Hammes (trumpet) | David Ascani (saxophones) | Pierre-Alain Goualch (piano) | Boris Schmidt (bass) | Niels Engel (drums)
An experienced and truly skilled trumpeter, conductor and composer in both jazz and classical field, Ernie Hammes has a CV rich in special collaborations combined with his many years of education. In relation to jazz he has partnered with musicians such as the trumpeter Lew Soloff, the saxophonist Bob Mintzer, the guitarist Philip Catherine etc. whereas he has also been a member of many significant jazz groups such as the Maynard Ferguson’s Big Bop Nouveau and the Duke Ellington Orchestra.  Ernie Hammes is one of the most important figures in the jazz scene of his country. His group has evolved the post-bop music style with some latin hints as his recent albums “Sanfrancha” and “Evolution” have proven.

23.00 Girls in Airports (Denmark) - Martin Stender (saxophone) | Otis Sandsjö (saxophone) | Mathias HolmJørgensen (keyboards) | Victor Dybbroe (percussions) | Anders Vestergaard (drums)
One of the best contemporary jazz groups whose sound goes beyond jazz! The group consists of exceptional Danish musicians whose artistic goal is to expand their expression limits by creating ambient musical landscapes with unique echo-rhythmical dimensions which surpass the common musical standards. However, Girls in Airports successfully combine their Scandinavian roots with indie-rock influences and folk sounds from all over the world, a combination that keeps getting them more and more followersaround the globe. They have already released five magnificent albums and visit us with some new material in their musical luggage.





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