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Marcus Miller "Tutu Revisited"

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25 years after 'Tutu's' release, Miller — now 52 — explores his '80s collaboration with Miles Davis on 'Tutu Revisited,' a double album that was recorded live in France in 2009.
Miller was persuaded to re-acquaint himself with the album by the director of a Miles Davis exhibition (the exhibition was called 'We Want Miles!') in Paris, who wanted the Brooklyn-born bassist to close the exhibition by performing 'Tutu' in its entirety. Initially dubious — knowing that Miles Davis never got nostalgic and looked back on his career - Miller eventually agreed and put together a young band for the project. But what started as a one-off venture led to a three-year tour of 'Tutu.' Now the music from that tour can be seen and heard via a combined CD/DVD package that is released  on May 16th  via the Paris-based Dreyfus Records.

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