I don't care too much about music. What I like is sounds. -- Dizzie Gillespie
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With 100 questions about the people who have played a part in creating the jazz sound through the years including the artists, their nicknames, the bands, the instruments that they played and many favourite songs from yesteryear, this book is sure to appeal to music fans everywhere.  

"In a society that most commonly rewards glamorous careers with a focus on highly visible personalities, the choice to dedicate one's life to helping others achieve their aspirations denotes a truly selfless and kind person." -- from the Foreword by Quincy Jones

This biography of Dizzy Gillespie combines the jazz legend’s own story with the testimonies of those who knew him.


Charting the development of jazz photography from the swing era of the 1930s to the rise of black nationalism in the ’60s, Blue Notes in Black and White is the first of its kind: a fascinating account of the partnership between two of the twentieth century’s most innovative art forms.

This elegant volume presents a portrait gallery of 50 eminent musical legends, from Jelly Roll Morton, perhaps the inventor of the art form, to contemporary axman Joe Lovano, who contributes a foreword. Each figure is featured in handsome vintage photographs and a pithy, revealing biography.

This fall will see the release of Pat Martino’s autobiography 'Here And Now', published by Backbeat Books. This collaboration between Pat Martino and Bill Milkowski (the author of 'Jaco') covers a wide range of Pat’s personal experiences and perspectives. It includes extensive interviews with quite a number of major guitarists, as well as photographs and graphics. This book will be a valuable addition to any music library!

BD Jazz is a label which offers listeners an introduction to some of the greatest jazz musicians of our time through a two disc set of their most-loved songs. Additionally, an illustrated book is included, which offers an insight into their lives and music. This specially formatted piece is a must-have for jazz fans as well as jazz neophytes trying to learn about the genre.

A fascinating and witty storyteller, Liebman's stories in What It Is will appeal to jazz fans and scholars by providing a firsthand look into the creative life of one of America's leading jazz musicians. For all readers, Liebman's story is one of how a young man through perseverance would follow his dream to become one of the leading jazz artists of our time.

During the 1970s, when jazz clubs all over America were folding under the onslaught of rock and roll and disco, San Francisco's Keystone Korner was an oasis for jazz musicians and patrons.