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30 Apr

Yannis Loukatos Organ Trio

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Yannis Loukatos Organ Trio on April 30, 2017 at Kerameio - Plataion 27 &  Myronidou Keramiko, Athens - entrance free - live start at 22:00

O Yannis Loukatos studied in Budapest next to notable musicians such as Bela Lakatos and Laszlo Attila. After his studies he came back to Athens and since then appears with his quartet in different clubs. In 2005, he created “ the Hot Club De Grece” , a group that walks in the footsteps of Hot Club De France, playing the music of Django Reinhardt with great success. He took part of the first & second edition of DjangoFest in Athens as one of the most representative quintet of Gipsy jazz.  

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