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25 Feb

Jazz for Kids Featured

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An interactive musical presentation of the history of jazz from the beginning to the end of the twentieth century -  storytellers - musicians & dancers for an 90 minutes show for adults and children. The JAZZ FOR KIDS: THE STORY OF A RHYTHM -  every Sunday from February 11, 2018 at 11:30 at Theater Alkyonis (Julian 42-46, Pedion Areos, Athens). Buy your tickets

The JAZZ FOR KIDS: THE STORY OF A RHYTHM: On stage a piano , a double bass , a saxophone and drums . Four renowned musicians with conductor Alexander Christidi, four-ballet by the choreographer Anouska Economou and four other actors with director Panagiotis Spiliopoulou.

The show is to raise awareness and to entertain the little ones where the story is framed live on stage with Jazz musicians, dancers, video Art and scenery inspired by works of Kandinsky, who lure children into a creative expression atmosphere.

The JAZZ FOR KIDS: THE STORY OF A RATE our travels melodies throughout the history of Jazz and promotes the concept of creativity, innovation and solidarity.

The melody and rhythm is the cause for children coming into contact with multiculturalism and universal language of emotions.

The aim of the show is through storytelling, children understand that music and art are universal languages ​​that culture has no place and color. Is a children look on life, an authentic and creative freedom without limits and boundaries.

Text: Dimitris Lentzos , Musical Director: Alexander Christidis Direction: Panagiotis Spiliopoulou, Kinesiology / choreography : Anouska Oikononomou, Production Manager: Nick Giannakakis, Actors / Dancers : Helen Nzangka, Tina Sklavounou Nina Toumazatou, Joanna Flemotomou, Jacqueline Palamaris Anna Kliafa  musicians / Percussion -Ntrams: Alexander Xristidis, saxophone: Lefteris Kritikos, Piano: Nick Drogosis,   Double bass: Mark Agrafiotis, Organization / Production: Cultural Park


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