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"The art of melancholy" - 2011

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Yiorgos Psihoyios

12 brand new compositions about the power of melancholy, but also the personal journey of each of us toward the light, through art.  

The disc is completed by two jazz standards, the "My funny Valentine" and The "My foolish heart", which is adapted in such a way by George Psihogios to blend harmoniously with the rest of the project.


Psichogios George - piano, Fender Phodes, composition, orchestration.


With the participation of

Christos Asonitis - drums

Dimitri Vassilakis - Saxophone

George Kontrafouris - hammond

Manos Lutas - bass

Takis Barberis - guitar

Solis Barkis - percussion, ocean drum & sounds of birds

Seraphim Bellos - drums

Mimi Plessas - piano

Nikos Terzakis - acoustic guitar

Myrsini Margaritis - vocals

Penelope Tzanetakis. - vocals

Artway/Technotropon, Polytropon/PTR59 

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